Beautiful beaches of around Phuket:-

How to discover and reach the most beautiful beaches around Phuket. Do secret bays still exist with few people and without sunshades? A guide to the lesser-known and most spectacular bays of Thailand’s famous island. The magnificent Pansea Beach and the beaches of Nai Thorn, Banana, and Laem Singh. The inaccessible Relax Bay, Freedom Beach where you can only arrive by boat and the charming Ya Nui. The islands of Bon, Coral, and Racha,  where the sand is white and the sea clear and blue. All you need to know to experience the island away from the crowds and the most popular beaches.

The Most Beautiful Islands and Beaches of around Phuket

Unknown Beaches in Phuket are there ?

Unknown beaches in Phuket have not happened for some time. But, there are delightful but less frequented coves, small jewels that are worth a trip. And if you come here on vacation it would be a dishonor to miss them. This post presents all the most beautiful, dividing them according to whether they locate north or south of Patong, the true holiday center of the island. You can also find information on the islands that rise beyond the extreme southern tip of Phuket, where the sea is magnificent, almost Caribbean, but don’t expect deserted beaches.

The most beautiful beaches of Phuket north of Patong :-

The 3 Small Beaches of Nai Thon, Nai Thorn, and Banana Beach. South of the airport and Nai Yang beach, and north of the long bay of Bang Tao, there are three beaches, among the most beautiful in Phuket and still uncrowded by the tourists.

Nice of Nai Thon Beach:-

It is a peaceful place. There are few hotels and there is only one road that runs along the sea, with little traffic even in high season.
Nai thon Beach relatively Peaceful place
Nai Thorn maintains a relaxed atmosphere, the casuarina trees line the beach which is never very popular, in the low season sometimes there is nobody. The sea between January and April is very beautiful. On the road along the beach, you will find several restaurants, but they are few, and in the low season some are close. The crisis has also hit Phuket hard and nobody is buying new lodges for now. they remain in the middle, not even completed.
coming from the north, from the airport or from Nai Yang, Nai Thon is the first beach you meet; you must follow the signs of Andaman Beach Resort but stop first as soon as you reach the first bay. The beach is almost 500 meters long, you can’t miss it. Patong located much further south, it reaches at least 45 minutes by car.
Nai Thorn Beach:-
Slighter and more picturesque than its near-namesake beach, Nai Thorn (or Nai Thon Noi) is very beautiful and uncrowded. In season the seawater is clean, one of the most pleasant places in all Phuket to swim.
Nai Thorn Beach Slighter and more picturesque than its nearly namesake beach
But it is not an accessible beach, a hotel, the Andaman White Beach lodges almost the entire area, those who are not guests, in theory, could not access it. Then it always depends on how you present yourself and how you ask for permission. Usually, if you declare that you intend to stop for lunch or use the hotel bars, things are easier.
Where:  Nai Thorn located a few hundred meters south of Nai Thon, follow the signs for the hotel.
Banana “The Secret” Beach:-
Until a few years ago it was a small secret. Today it is still a beach jewel. Banana Beach is worth a trip also because it is hardly crowded, even in the height of the season.
Banana Beach is really beautiful, especially at low tide
Banana Beach is not seen from the road but the short path that goes down the hill to the beach through the woods is now identifiable and no longer gives the problem. The beach is beautiful, especially at low tide when it is wider and livable. Between January and April, the seawater is magnificent, particularly clear, an invitation to swimming and snorkeling. Try to come there on a sunny day and blue skies when the place gives its best. If things have not changed along the beach there is at least one restaurant where you can have lunch, take note that the costs are a little higher than in other places in Phuket.
Banana Beach is the smallest and southernmost of the three coves described so far and not being visible from the road to found requires a little attention. If you come from the north, from Nai Yang or from the airport, you must first follow the signs for Nai Thon and Andaman Beach, pass the latter and once the road has climbed the hill, look towards the right: there is it is a path that leads to the beach and there should also be a sign, but the a distinctive sign will be the few cars or mopeds parked on the side of the road. If you arrive from the south instead, of Bang Tao beach, the access is on your leftover 200 meters after passing the the entrance of the expensive Trisara Resort.

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