Enjoy to visit beautiful Tourist Spot in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh, the land of rivers is a little piece of green paradise on earth. there are many Beautiful tourist spot in Bangladesh.
This riverine country named Bangladesh, although blessed with an plenty of natural beauty, is still not a place that comes to mind while searching for a tourist spot. In-fact according to the World Bank, Bangladesh is the least tourist destination in the world. 
But after going through this article, you might want to travel to this. because land of wonder and visit some of the best tourist spots in Bangladesh. 
Best Tourist Spot in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is a small country in South Asia and has a size of around 148,460 square kilometers. From the west, Bangladesh borders India and Myanmar from the southeast. In the delta of Padma and Jamuna river is where the country’s located.
It has its fair share of problems being one of the most populated countries in the world, and the tourism sector hasn’t developed due to a lack of tourists.
So why would you go to a place like that for a tour?
Ask yourself, “Why do I travel?”
Do you travel for the sake of countries developed tourism sector?
Here is the list of 15 tourist spot in Bangladesh you would want to go to:
1. The Sundarbans
2. Srimangal
3. Cox’s Bazar
4. St. Martins Island
5. Dhaka City
6. Rangamati
7. Paharpur
8. Puthia
9. Bagerhat
11. Kuakata
12. Sajek Valley
13. Jaflong
14. Sonargaon
15. Barisal 

1.  The Sundarbans:

 Being the largest mangrove forest in the world, UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) listed it as a world heritage site.
The name “Sundarbans” which translates to “Beautiful forest” in English is the most appropriate name for this captivating forest. It’s home to a variety of wildlife such as deer, monkeys, wild boars, reptiles, crocodiles, etc. But the spotlight goes to the world-famous Bengal tiger which is currently an endangered species.
Covering an area of around 10,000 square kilometers, Sundarbans  is located at the edge of the Bay of Bengal where the Padma, Meghna, and Jamuna rivers clash together. The forest is share between two neighboring countries Bangladesh and India where Bangladesh contains most of the forest. According to a recent 2020 evaluation of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems, the Indian Sundarbans mangrove forest is now endangered.
The Sundarbans mangrove forest, one of the largest area tourist spot in Bangladesh
Sundarbans is also the only home to the Black and orange striped Bengal tigers we mentioned earlier. , most of the tigers are on the Side of Sundarbans part of Bangladesh and is being
treated as an endangered species by the government.
Besides the Bengal tigers, this beautiful forest is also the home of more than 450 species of wildlife. Among them, there are around 290 types of birds, 120 types of fish, 42 mammals, 35 reptiles, and also 8 types of amphibian species. Definitely an excellent spot for bird watching and enjoying nature.
While visiting Sundarbans, you can’t wander through the forest. You have to rent a boat and can only travel through the waterways. This unique way of jungle travel is mind refreshing and fascinating. It also works as a security countermeasure from animals.
While traversing through the waterways of Sundarbans, don’t expect to see a Bengal tiger in every other corner. You’ll be lucky to even get a glimpse of one. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the peaceful beauty and the thrill of adventure. The trees, birds, and monkeys will be there to keep you company.

2. Srimangal

While walking through the hills of Srimangal, you’ll discover yourself in the midst of a sea of lush green. For miles around you won’t find people and will be able to enjoy the relaxing nature to
your heart’s content without any interruption.
Srimangal is located in the Moulovibazar district in the Sylhet division. You can marge your Sylhet tour and Srimangal tour plan together for more efficiency.
Most of the hills of Srimangal are cover with the carpet of green tea plants.
Srimangal is the tourist spot in Bangladesh
No wonder it’s called the tea capital of Bangladesh. Cycling through the narrow path across the many tea estates is as peaceful as it gets. If you want to spend a relaxing and vacation, then Srimangal is the one for you.
Enjoy the sip of fresh tea in the middle of the tea plantation while I watching the hard at work tea pickers collecting tea leaves, what can be more relaxing than that?
Even if tea is not your cup of tea (sorry for the pun!)  you can still enjoy the scenery and greenery to your heart’s content. There are also lemon orchards, pineapple plantations, and rubber tree plantations.
Lowacherra National Park:-
In the Lowacherra National Park, you’ll find a splendid forest. Explore the forest to enjoy bird watching and discover wildlife. You can encounter Hollock Gibbons (a type of primate) as well while tracking the forest.
Go visit different tribal villages there and blend in with the friendly indigenous people.  Observe their simple way of life and be amaze. You’ll learn something from their lifestyle.
Your trip should include visitation to a tea plantation which will give you a chance to go to a testing house where you can drink a cup of delicious tea while enjoying nature.
While you are at it, you should go to a tea cabin-like Nilkantha Tea Cabin and ask for their famous 7 layered tea. It has 7 different colors and 7 different flavors at each layer. Going on a Srimangal tour is one of the best things you can do in Bangladesh.

3. Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar is the longest natural sandy sea beach in the world. How such a small country like Bangladesh has such a long beach is a mystery. During vacation time, among the local Bangladeshi people, this port city is the most famous tourist spot.

People of all ages seem to enjoy this 93 miles long sea beach. And who wouldn’t?
Relaxing on the sea beach, playing in the water, lots of colorful seashells, crabs, watching the sunset together with your beloved ones, and lots of fun things to do there.

The longest sea beach Cox's Bazar is tourist spot in Bangladesh

There are also beautiful Buddhist temples, pagodas, fish markets, and various other famous markets to visit. Especially you cannot miss the famous Burmese market. This is the most suitable place for you to buy a souvenir.

You should also buy seasoned Pickles (called achaar in the local language) which is a famous food in the Burmese market. The name Cox’s Bazar came from Captain Hiram Cox who was an officer in the British East India Company. In the year 1799, a market named Cox’s Bazar was establish because of his achievements in settling Arakanese refugees in that location.

4. Exploring St Martin Island:-

St. Martins or Saint Martin Island is a place nowhere else found in Bangladesh. It’s a beautiful island and the only coral island in the Bay of Bengal. The island is also called “Narikel Jinjira” or in
English “The Island of coconut” and “Daruchinir Dip” or in English “The Island of cinnamon”.

Saint Martin is an coral island tourist spot in Bangladesh

like Cox’s Bazar, St. Martins is also a very famous tourist spot in Bangladesh and one of the most visited places in Bangladesh. Usually, people first go to Cox’s Bazar and from there, they go to the Saint Martin tour.
The island itself is located in the northeastern part of the Bay of Bengal. From the tip of Cox’s Bazar Teknaf Peninsula, it’s 9 kilometers to the south creating the southernmost part of the country. It’s a very small country of only 3 square kilometers.

Unlike Cox’s Bazar, St. Martins Island is peaceful and quiet. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a calming blue-ocean where even the tides are peaceful. When the water is moving with weaker currents,
you can even go a little bit far out in the ocean, sit down in the water, and enjoy blending in with nature.

Chera Dip:-

You should try visiting Chera Dip (Cheradia Island) is an extension of St. Martins separated by high tide. It’s also the southernmost part of Bangladesh. This part of the island is uninhabited because it gets separated when the tide is high. But when the tide goes down you’ll see some breathtaking beauty.

While you are walking through Chera Dip, you are walking under the Ocean. Since the ground is submerged in high tide, you’ll find many small and big pits and holes on the ground containing water and small fishes. It’s like you are looking at a beautiful aquarium created by nature itself!
But beware!

When you plan to visit Chera Dip, you should prepare water and energy bars. Or else you could dehydrate and faint in the middle of nowhere. If you plan of visiting Bangladesh, then Saint Martin Bangladesh Tour is absolute.

5. Dhaka City:

No matter how it is, Dhaka metropolitan city is the capital of Bangladesh. The center of the country is bustling with people and the traffic seems unbearable. With so much crowd and noise who can enjoy a decent vacation right?

But despite all the problems in Dhaka, there are still things you can enjoy. There are lots of tourist places in Dhaka for you to explore.

Dhaka is the largest city tourist spot in Bangladesh

Almost every other corner you’ll find some kind of tea stall. In every area, there are a few mosques for the Muslims to pray. That’s why Dhaka is also called the city of the Mosque.

If you want to find delicious food, you should go to the Old Dhaka or Bihari Potti in Mirpur 1 or Muhammadpur. The trip will be worthwhile we guarantee it.

6. Rangamati:

The mountain town Rangamati is the most beautiful and delightful one amongst the Chittagong hill tracts. It’s located on the banks of captivating Kaptai Lake. In Chittagong hill tracts, Rangamati is the most famous tourist spot.

The mane made lake was created in 1960 which is famous for its breathtaking scenery of blue and green waters dotted by small islands and surrounded by woods. Even if it’s for a boat cruise through the lake you should plan a Rangamati tour.

Rangamati is the popular tourist spot in Bangladesh

One of the attractions of Rangamati is the floating market Bonorupa established by tribal people there.

So Rangamati is a great tourist spot in Bangladesh in Chittagong tour place.

7. Paharpur:

Paharpur, a small northwestern town of Bangladesh that contains the most impressive archeological site in the country. It’s called Somapura Mahavihara and like Sundarbans, it was also declared as
a world heritage site by UNESCO.

This place is one of the most impressive Buddhist archeological sites in South Asia and the 8th century’s 2nd largest Buddhist on the south of Himalayas Mountain. Monks from all over the world used to come here for receiving education.

Paharpur is the most spectacular monument tourist spot in Bangladesh

The surprising fact is that its architecture is different from any other structure from Bangladesh or neighboring country India. It has more similarity to the Buddhist temple found in Myanmar,
another bordering country of Bangladesh.

8. Puthia

Puthia, a small village located in the Puthia Upazila in Rajshahi  district famous for the beautiful Hindu temples. The village was build in the 16th century for the Puthia Raj family (Puthia Royal family). Currently, there are 6 temples and 2 palaces altogether.

Puthia is a culturally rich tourist spot in Bangladesh

It’s the largest number built by the Puthia Raj family in one place. Some of the structures are very well maintained but the two palaces are currently in ruins. The temples are very unique in design and
some of them are even decorated with engraved clay describing ancient Hindu stories.
This place is very valuable and one of the must-visit for history lovers.

9. Bagerhat

 While Dhaka known as the city of Mosques in modern times, Bagerhat is also known as the Mosque City Bagerhat in old times. It was established in the 15th century by Turkish general Sufi Saint Khan Jahan Ali even before the establishment of Puthia.
Bagerhat is an historical tourist spot in Bangladesh
Although Bangladesh doesn’t have as many world heritage sites as its neighboring country India has, but Bagerhat was also declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO.
The city was before known as Khalifatabad. A lot of Mosques wear established back then so that the Muslims can go to prayer every day. Among all those beautiful historic Mosques, the 60 Dome Mosque stands out the most.
There are more than 50 Islamic monuments in the city and all they lost under trees and plants. After removing the vegetation, the structures could be rediscover.
The reason the Forbs magazine also listed it as one of the 15 lost cities of the world. You should definitely make a trip to Bagerhat for its historical and architectural value.

10. Bandarban

In the south-east of Bangladesh, the district of Bandarban is located as a part of the Chittagong division. like Rangamati, it’s also a part of Chittagong hill tracts and one of the three hill districts in Bangladesh.
Bandarban hill district is the most tourist spot in Bangladesh
The city of Bandarban lies within the district surrounded by 3 mountains Muranja, Wayla, and Chromebook. Three of the highest mountains in Bangladesh are also located in this district. There are
– Tahjindong or Bijoy – 1280 meters, Mowdok Mural – 1052 meters, and Keokradong – 883 meters (former highest peak).
Through the Bandarban Sadar Upazila, a river named Sangu flows originating from the Arkan hills of Myanmar. 13 different tribal groups live centered around the river.
Go to a Bandarban tour for hiking, boat cruising, and observing local heritage. Most of the places are still untouched and untainted by the tourists.

11. Kuakata

Kuakata, a town in the south-eastern part of tourist spot in Bangladesh is most famous for the Kuakata sea beach. The Sea beach known as “Sagor Konya” or “Daughter of the Sea” for magnificent natural beauty. Kuakata is the beach where you can see the full view of the rising and setting of the sun in the calm ocean water.
Kuakata is the panoramic sea beach tourist spot in Bangladesh
The sandy beach is around 11 miles long and 1.9 miles wide. It’s known as the panoramic sea beach.
 Kuakata is also one of the places tourist spot in Bangladesh that are not very much visited by tourists. So you can have a calm relaxing moment and enjoy the sun rising and setting with your beloved one. The natural beauty surrounding the area is also beautiful.

12. Sajek Valley

Sajek Valley  located in the Rangamati district it’s the top most tourist spot in Bangladesh among the local people . The spot is about 1800 feet above sea level and known as the roof of Rangamati as well as the queen of hills.
Sajek Valley is the queen of hills tourist spot in Bangladesh
For climbing Sajek Valley, you need to rent something called  “Chander Gari” translates to “vehicle of the moon”.
While you are up in the valley, the scenic beauty you’ll see will be unforgettable. Every day thousands of adventure lovers go to the Sajek Valley. Tourist Spot in Bangladesh From up there, it’ll feel like you are up in the and above the clouds. Coz you’ll see clouds surrounding you and you can even touch them if you want.
Sajek Valley is the queen of hills tourist spot in Bangladesh1
Although lots of tourists go there every day it won’t make your Sajek tour any less enjoyable. You should include this in your Rangamati tour plan.

13. Jaflong:-

Jaflong, a famous tourist spot in Bangladesh in Sylhet district where tourists from all over Bangladesh come to visit. It’s between the border of Bangladesh and the Indian Meghalaya state border.
Jaflong is a landscape beauty tourist spot in Bangladesh 
While standing on the soil of Bangladesh, you’ll be able to see the gorgeous view of the hills of Meghalaya. But the true attraction isn’t there. Waterfalls from Meghalaya hills created a river called the Piyain River. The river brings in a lot of stones from the hills. The tourists have made it a traditional activity to collect these beautiful stones.
With the view of the river, the rainforest, the subtropical mountains, the fresh air, the festive environment, under the vast blue sky you’ll get lost in the vast beauty of nature.
So you definitely should include your Sajek tour into your Sylhet tour plan.
Don’t you agree?

14. Sonargaon

Sonargaon holds a significant amount of historical value in Bangladesh. Because in the medieval age, it was the capital of Bangla. The merchant city Panam Nagar is the most interesting thing you’ll find there.
Sonargaon is a historic city tourist spot in Bangladesh
The city itself looks very ancient which screams out its impact on Bangla’s history. Currently, it’s an abandoned city and there is a total of 52 houses in total in the city built on only one street. There
are ancient mansions, mosques, and docs where vegetation is trying to claim its place in everything.
Go on a Sonargaon tour and travel back to the past together with the city.

15. Barisal

In the heart of the delta of Ganga is the place where the lies city of Barisal. Quite a few rivers have passed through this part of the land. This made it into a river town and a large part of the livelihood of the people there come from the river.
Barisal is comportable and enjoyable tourist spot in Bangladesh
Barisal is famous for shrimp farms and rice paddies all depending on the Ganga. Because of the rivers, nature has flourished there so trees, fruits, and vegetables are abundant here. You’ll be surprise to see so many floating markets on the river.
You should visit the floating markets and have a boat cruise on the waterways.
Barisal is a unique place in many ways. A trip there will be worth your while.
Believe me, you won’t be the least bit disappointed.

Final Thoughts

Bangladesh is still a developing country and has yet to develop proper tourism facilities for foreign tourists. But that isn’t what we should worry about right?
As a country it’s beautiful, the people are friendly and helpful, the food is tasty and they have their unique culture. The country has a mix of cultures and religions where different races co-exist together .
The country became independent after 9 months of struggling war. It’s the only country in the world where people sacrificed their lives protecting their mother language.
Every year on February 21, we observe International Mother Language Day commemorating the sacrifice of these brave souls.
Bangladesh may not be count as an advanced country yet, but the people there have pride, honor, and bravery. These are the people who protect their land and their people by relying only on the strength of their souls.
Why don’t you go there sometimes?
Go and have your next vacation plan for a Bangladesh tour.
you’ll even get surprised a little…

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