Plan your visit to 10 Days in Morocco travel Guide:

If you want to enjoy a blend of diverse beauty, adventure, and mysterious vibe, Morocco is the perfect place for you. You do not need to spend multiple weeks to enjoy the scenic beauty of all the places there.

If you are planning to spend 2 or 3 days or even a week, just add a few days more and turn that into a 10-day tour instead. With a correct plan and a proper schedule, you can visit most of the alluring places in 10 days or so.

Visit To Enjoy 10 Days in Morocco

How should you plan for a tour of 10 days in Morocco? Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes, Essaouira, Chefchauoen, Safi, there are so many places to go and so many things to do. So, without proper planning, you won’t be able to make the most out of it.

Let us help you with that. We are going to give you the perfect guideline so that you can get the most out of Morocco and explore your heart out within just 10 days.


Duration: 2 Days

Though there is no shortage of airports in Morocco. So you can start from anywhere you want. However, we suggest you start from Marrakech, explore it first, and then move out to the other places. One of the reasons being, this is one of the cheapest airports to fly into.

And as it is one of the most if not the most visited places in Morocco, you can enjoy exploring a lot of the beautiful places here.

Where to visit in Marrakech?

Majorelle Garden

Majorelle is a short but very beautiful place to visit. Why is that? Well, it is a two and a half-acre long garden. But the decoration and the use of the colors make it exceptionally beautiful and almost a surreal vibe.

Visit To Enjoy 10 Days in Morocco perfect place for you

Sahara Desert

We don’t need to introduce the Sahara Desert to you, right? And if you want to visit the Sahara Desert, Morocco is the best viable option for you. Egypt might be another option there, but since we are talking about a Morocco tour here, let’s just focus on that.

The gateway town of Moroccan Sahara is quite far from Marrakech. It is about 223 miles to get to Zagora, which will take around 7 hours.

visit the Sahara Desert 10 days in Morocco is the best viable option

So plan for at least 2 days to stay there. Since it is that far from there make the most out of it.

Glamping hub

If you want a luxurious experience in Sahara, this might be the thing for you. Glamping hub will give you that opportunity with a luxurious tent with lots of facilities in that.

Cost: 283$ per night

Space: 2 people in a tent.

What you will get in that?

Here is the list of all the facilities out there.

  1. Private Lounge/Livingroom
  2. Linens and pillows
  3. Breakfast
  4. Private Toilet
  5. Private Shower
  6. Restaurant
  7. Bar/Pub

Not everyone is after a luxurious experience, I understand that. So, if you aren’t after that, ignore this facility.

Here are some other places that you should visit in Marrakech:

  • Jemma el-Fnaa: The cultual spaces in Marrakesh is the Jemaa el-Fna Square. It is foundation in the eleventh century has become of the symbols of the city. Represents a unique of popular Moroccan cultural performed through musical, religious and artistic expressions.
  • Koutoubia Mosque: The largest mosque Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakesh, at Morocco. It is magnificent minaret 70m tall over the city. The highest building in Marrakech. the temple is 60m (197ft) wide and 90m (295ft) long. Non-Muslims can not enter the Koutoubia Mosque.
  • Bahia Palace
  • Saadian Tombs
  • El Badi Palace
  • Ben Youssef Madrasa
  • Dar Si Said Museum of Weaving and Carpets
  • Tanneries of Marrakech
  • Yves Saint-Laurent Museum
  • Marrakech Museum
  • Day trip to I mlil / High Atlas Mountains
  • The Mellah
  • Menara gardens
  • Royal Palace
  • House of Photography in Marrakech
  • Palmeraie
  • Le Jardin Secret

Where to stay in Marrakech?

There are mainly 3 viable options for accommodation in Marrakech. You can choose from them depending on your budget.

If you have the budget and are willing to spend that on accommodation, you can stay in the luxurious hotels or resorts in Marrakech. But for most people, we suggest economic or mid-budget hotels.

Where to eat in Marrakech?

Marrakech is a huge city to roam around. So, here are some recommended restaurants that will come helpful when you are in Marrakech.

Caution while visiting Marrakech

One thing you need to be careful about while you are traveling. And that is the goods that they offer in the markets. If you like something, be very careful before buying that. Because most of the things are let’s just say is not of great quality.


Duration: 1 Day

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Well, I am. You might be wondering what’s Essaouira has to do with this famous TV show? Well, here is the thing, one of the famous shooting locations of the show is situated here. In the show, they called it the Astapor: Home of the unsullied.

What to do in Essaouira?

There are a lot of things you can do in this coastal city. Here are a few of them:

  • Climb and walk around the Portuguese Rampart
  • Enjoy the sunset from a rooftop café
  • Enjoy the ocean activities
  • Birdwatching at the Mogador Island
  • Visit the Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah Museum
  • A day trip to Sidi Kaouki

Where to stay in Essaouira

There are dozens of riads in Essaouira. But we recommend these:

Where to eat in Essaouira (Restaurant Recommendation)

The more you roam around the quicker you need to fill your stomach. You need to find a suitable place to do that now and then. But you don’t know a lot about their restaurants, do you? Allow us to help.

There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to the restaurants in Essaouira depending on your taste. Here are a few of them.


Duration: 1 Day

Though Safi is not that popular amongst the tourists, that does not necessarily mean it is not attractive. On the contrary, it is because there are fewer tourists around, you can see 10 Days in Morocco and enjoy the actual Moroccans lifestyle here. Besides, this city carries a long history with it.

The unfinished Portuguese cathedral will remind you of the Portuguese rein back in the early 1500s.

Where to stay in Safi?

Where to eat in Safi?

  • Restaurant chez hosni
  • Happy Coffee & Restaurant
  • Sidi Bouzid
  • Restaurant La Trattoria


Duration: 1 Day

Casablanca is more like a commercial center. However, it doesn’t lessen its diverse beauty. You will find Arabic and French history and culture wherever you roam around. There are different palaces and museums to visit and explore. And not to mention, the 7th largest Mosque in the whole world, Hasan II Mosque is also situated here in Casablanca.

What to visit in Casablanca?

  • Hassan II Mosque
  • Morocco Mall
  • The Old Medina
  • Sky 28
  • Parc de la Ligue Arabe
  • Villa des Arts
  • King’s Palace
  • La Corniche
  • Place Mohammed V

Where to stay in Casablanca?

Eat in Casablanca


Visit Fees to enjoy 10 days in Morocco

Duration 2 Days

Fes is one of the most famous cities in the world thanks to its history and other famous landmarks. It was the capital more than twice in the past. Fes is divided into these three sections: Medina Fes el-Bali and Fes el-Jedid.

What to visit in Fes?

  • Quaraouiyine Mosque
  • Explore the artistic Medersa al-Attarine
  • Medersa Bou Inania
  • Visit Chaouwara Tannery
  • Military History at Borj Nord
  • Jnan Sbil Gardens

Where to stay in Fes?

Where to eat in Fes?


Duration: 2 Days

Chefchaouen is one of the most popular cities among the visitors. Once you reach there, you will understand why this small town attracts so many tourists all over the world. These beautiful and vibrant blue alleys make everything look almost surreal.

If you want to take pictures of your tour of 10 days in Morocco, this one is the perfect place for that. The picturesque scenarios made it the photographer’s paradise.

What to do in Chefchaouen?

  • Get lost in the maze of streets
  • Shop at the little bazaars
  • Visit Kasbah Museum
  • Enjoy the view of the Spanish Mosque
  • Explore a local Hammam
  • Enjoy the beautiful nightlife
  • Explore Jeb Al-Kalaa
  • Visit Akchour waterfall

Where to stay in Chefchaouen?

Where to eat in Chefchaouen?


Duration: 1 Day

Asilah is another small town that you should visit. But, as they say, you should not judge a book by its cover, the same way you should not judge a town by how big its area is. The paradise beach the ramparts, and so much more in the town to explore. And the best thing is that you can explore the entire town on foot in a day.

What to visit in Asilah?

  • Asilah Festival
  • Little Souk
  • The Ramparts
  • El-Hamra tower
  • Paradise Beach

Where to stay in Asilah?

Where to eat in Asilah?

What is the best time to visit Morocco?

If you want to visit Morocco, do it either in Spring or Fall. The reason is that you will get a not so cold or hot, a warm-weather around that time here. From March to May or September to October, try to make a plan in this timeframe.

Insiders Tips

Here are a few tips if you are visiting Morocco.

Look out for Pick pocketers

It is not like there are pick pocketers all around you. But depending on where you are visiting, there might be a pick pocketer around waiting for a tourist like you. So be careful about that. Always keep an eye on the people crossing you by too closely.

Do not take help from a stranger

Well, asking for help is not a bad thing at all. But be wary of the people who offer you help without you even asking them. And if you are to take help from a stranger, make clear if you want to pay him for that favor or not.

For example, if you are asking someone where to go or where to find something, that is okay as long as he is showing you the direction. But don’t ask or let them guide you to somewhere. And if anyone wants to, tell them you will not pay him for that.

Be Firm

Wherever you go, whoever you talk to, always be firm on your statement. Don’t be afraid. Remember, “Fer is the mind-killer!”


Follow this guideline for your Morocco tour. I firmly believe your 10 days in Morocco will be one of the best memories you will ever have. And of course, just because we have made this guideline does not mean, you cannot improvise it. Of course, there are. You can tweak this guideline to however you see fit.

The most attractive tourist spots Cox’s Bazar beach in Bangladesh:

Cox’s Bazar is the longest natural sandy sea beach in the world. How such a small country like Bangladesh has such a long beach is a mystery. During vacation time, among the local Bangladeshi people, this port city is the most famous tourist spot.

People of all ages seem to enjoy this 93 miles long sea beach. And who wouldn’t?
Relaxing on the sea beach, playing in the water. There lots of colorful seashells, crabs, watching the sunset together with your beloved ones.  and lots of fun things to do there.

Cox’s Bazar Beach is the longest natural sandy sea beach in the world
Longest Natural Sandy Sea Beach

There are also beautiful Buddhist temples, pagodas, fish markets, and various other famous markets to visit. Especially you cannot miss the famous Burmese market. This is the most suitable place for you to buy a souvenir.

You should also buy seasoned Pickles (called achaar in the local language). which is a famous food in the Burmese market. The name Cox’s Bazar came from Captain Hiram Cox who was an officer in the British East India Company. In the year 1799, a market named Bangla cox’s bazar was establish because of his achievements in settling Arakanese refugees in that location.

The famous part of the beach Laboni Point:

The most famous part of the beach is Laboni Point. most of the people mainly gather here. It is known as Cox’s Bazar sea beach. the beach length of this world’s longest natural sea beach is about 125 kilometers. Out of the all beaches Laboni point comes first. many tourist from home and abroad come here every day to enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Near the beach there is a big market for tourists. where you can find various type of items come from Myanmar, Thailand and China. Thousands of tourists enjoy the sunset from this beach.

You can also take enjoyable bath in the sea and the scenic beauty. If you walk straight to the east from laboni beach.  you will reach to Himchori. as far as you can go, the place is so nice. It seems that there is no end of the beach.

The beach is always beautiful and charming all seasons. like a winter, monsoon, spring or summer, the presence of the beach always beautiful.

Sugondha beach point most interesting is the marine fish restaurants:

It is situated from the north of Kolatoli point. There is a Burmese market which is famous in Cox’s bazar. There are many restaurant in this point. These restaurants are decorative. In there food menu you will find lobster, shrimp, rupachanda, crab and different kind of sea fish. They will make the food as you like. If you want, you can eat sitting in a restaurant or you can eat on the beach. However, if you go to Cox’s Bazar, do not forget to taste eat.

In this point have many shop of dried fishes. various kinds of dried fish find here. This dried fish is popular all over the country. If you or your family likes to eat dried fish, you can bring it with you on the way back.

You can buy various kinds of ornaments and house decorative items made of snails, Oysters and conch found in the sea as a a souvenir. If you want, you can draw your own or your loved one’s name on the snail.

Inani Beach is famous coral Island:

Inani Beach is one of the famous sea beach in Ukhia Upazila of Cox’s Bazar District. It is 18 kilometer-long beach. There are you can find lots of black and green coral stones. which are very sharp. these are found in summer or rainy seasons.

Natural Beauty Of St. Martin’s Island Bangladesh:

St. Martins or Saint Martin Island is a place nowhere else found in Bangladesh. It’s a natural beauty of Saint Martins island,  and the only coral island in the Bay of Bengal. The island is also called “Narikel Jinjira” or in English “The Island of coconut” and “Daruchinir Dip” or in English “The Island of cinnamon”.

Cox's Bazar to Saint Martin
Saint Martin Bangladesh Tour

like Cox’s Bazar, St. Martins is also a very famous tourist spot in Bangladesh and one of the most visited places in Bangladesh. Usually, people first go to Cox’s Bazar and from there, they go to the Saint Martin tour.
The island itself is located in the northeastern part of the Bay of Bengal. From the tip of Cox’s Bazar Teknaf Peninsula, it’s 9 kilometers to the south creating the southernmost part of the country. It’s a very small country of only 3 square kilometers.

Unlike Cox’s Bazar, St. Martins Island is peaceful and quiet. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a calming blue-ocean where even the tides are peaceful. When the water is moving with weaker currents,
you can even go a little bit far out in the ocean, sit down in the water, and enjoy blending in with nature.

Best Time Visit To St. Martin Island :

The best time to visit in Saint Martin is November – February. this is the major tourist season. At that time visitors travel more, because of good weather.

Before you go, you should know about the weather. because the off-season is from March to July. that time any kind of natural disaster can happen. Cyclone can frequently strike during this period. In the cyclone of 1991, this place was highly damage but has been totally recover.

How to go Dhaka to Saint Martin Island:

You can only reach to Saint Martin Island by water transportation. Saint Martin Island can be reach by boat or ships from Cox Bazar and Teknaf. There some van for internal transportations in the island. The roads are made of concrete, and their condition are suitable.

Best Hotel in Saint Martin Island Bangladesh
St. Martin’s Island Bangladesh

They use solar power to provide electricity. every hotel use generators until 11 P.M, after that they depend on solar power. which is popular throughout the island.

 Where to stay you in Saint Martin:

Saint Martin Island is a tourist spot in Bangladesh. So now residential Bangladeshis is allowed in St. Martin’s Island. From 1989 – 2004, were not allow any Bangladeshis residence. and foreigners were not permitted on the island, now this is change.

Best Hotel in St. Martin Bangladesh :-

So presently some hotels makes there in St. Martins Island. A Pictures pearl island in the Middle of blue marine Bay of Bengal. This is heavenly and peaceful marine island.

You should try visiting Chera Dip (Cheradia Island) is an extension of St. Martins separated by high tide. It’s also the southernmost part of Bangladesh. This part of the island is uninhabited because it gets separate when the tide is high. But when the tide goes down you’ll see some breathtaking beauty.

While you are walking through Chera Dip, you are walking under the Ocean. Since the ground is submerge in high tide, you’ll find many small and big pits and holes on the ground containing water and small fishes. It’s like you are looking at a beautiful aquarium created by nature itself!
But beware!

When you plan to visit Chera Dip, you should prepare water and energy bars. Or else you could dehydrate and faint in the middle of nowhere. If you plan of visiting Bangladesh, then St. Martin Bangladesh Tour is absolute.

St Martin’s Island travel – Bangladesh


Natural view sightseeing at Srimangal tour plan in Bangladesh:

Undoubtedly  the most beautiful forest, wetlands, and wildlife of Srimangal tour plan on a single day . While walking through the hills of Srimangal, you’ll discover a Srimangal tour plan yourself in the midst of a sea of lush green. For miles around you won’t find people, and will be able to enjoy the relaxing nature to your heart’s content without any interruption. 

Srimangal is located in the Moulvibazar district in the Sylhet division. You can merge your Sylhet tour and Srimangal tour plan together for more efficiency. Most of the hills of Srimangal are covered with the carpet of green tea plants. 

You can also visit the orange garden, lemon garden, pineapple garden, reserved forest and bird sanctuary. visiting Srimangal tour plan is a plus add to your Bangladesh tour.

Srimangal is the tourist spot in Bangladesh

No wonder it’s called the tea capital of Bangladesh. Cycling through the narrow path across the many tea estates is as peaceful as it gets. If you want to spend a relaxing and vacation, then Srimangal tour is the one for you. It is the most picturesque and enjoyable part of the country.

Enjoy the sip of fresh tea in the middle of the tea plantation while I watching the hard at work tea pickers collecting tea leaves, what can be more relaxing than that?
Even if tea is not your cup of tea (sorry for the pun!)  you can still enjoy the scenery and greenery to your heart’s content. There are have lemon orchards, pineapple plantations, and rubber tree plantations.
In the Lowacherra National Park, you may go hiking. cruise around Madhabpur Lake. you’ll find a splendid forest. Explore the forest to enjoy bird watching wetland at Baikka Beel and discover wildlife.
You can encounter Hollock Gibbons (a type of primate) as well while tracking the Ham Ham waterfall in Rajkandi reserve forest. 

The life of tribal people is extremely fasciniting:

Go visit different tribal villages there and blend in with the friendly indigenous people. There are a few tribes like Tripura, Khasia, and Monipuri.  Observe their simple way of life and be amaze. You’ll learn something from their lifestyle.
Most of them are Buddhist, and few are Hindus, Christians and Animists. they Peoples are highly self-reliant, they grow their own foods, weave their own clothes.

Tips for around visit of Srimangal:

  • Easy and comfortable  shoes wear because some places the trekking inside the forest.
  • This implies shirts for men or ladies. Shirts are alright. You may wear a tank top will not be any problem in Srimangal.

What time best time to travel:

Best time of the year to travel I recommend for you April to November. because that time you will see female workers picking tea on many tea gardens in Srimangal.

If you make a plan spending on couple hours at that place on pursue. try travel to November to March, at that time there weather is cool and comfortable and less humid.

Your trip should include visitation to a tea plantation which will give you a chance to go to a testing house where you can drink a cup of delicious tea while enjoying nature.
While you are at it, you should go to a tea cabin-like Nilkantha Tea Cabin.  It has 7 different colors and 7 different flavors at each layer. Going on a Srimangal tour is one of the best things you can do in Bangladesh.

Good Places to visit near me Sundarbans tourist spot in Bangladesh:

If you love to travel, want to get a true experience of the mangrove forest, you must visit the Sundarbans. One of the most natural wonders is the  Sundarbans tourist spot in Bangladesh. So, Being the largest mangrove forest in the world, UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) listed it as a world heritage site. and It is connected with different types of geological floral and fauna.

Traveling Places Kochikhali forest one of the scenic in Sundarbans at Bangladesh
Nearest Tourist Places

The name “Sundarbans” which translates to “Beautiful forest” in English is the most appropriate name for this captivating forest. also It got its name from one of the mangrove plants known as “Sundari”. Largest Mangrove forest attractive & alluring places remaining in world. If you are a foreigner and want to visit Bangladesh, Sundarbans should be number one tourist spot in Bangladesh to visit in your list.

Scenic Places Near me Sundarbans tourist Spot in Bangladesh:

Then the forest is divide between one of our neighbor country India.  where Bangladesh contains most of the forest.  According to a recent 2020 evaluation of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems, the Indian Sundarbans mangrove forest is now endangered.

Sundarbans is also the only home to the Black and orange striped Bengal tigers . So, most of the tigers are on the side of Sundarbans part of Bangladesh. and is being treated as an endangered species by the government.

Besides the Royal Bengal tigers, this beautiful forest is also the home of more than 450 species of wildlife. Among them, there are around 290 types of birds, 120 types of fish, 42 mammals, 35 reptiles, and also 8 types of amphibian species. Definitely an excellent spot for bird watching and enjoying nature.

Visiting Spots Near me Planning Trip to go Sundarbans:

This unique way of jungle travel is mind refreshing and fascinating. While visiting Sundarbans, you can’t wander through the forest. You have to rent a boat and can only travel through the waterways.  It also works as a security countermeasure from animals.

Must necessary contact a tour operator or guide. You may also arrange a group. Otherwise, it is tough to see each part of the forest. Unfortunately, if you go with the wrong travel agency, So, it will be a complete waste of money and time. that’s why Before must be search contract for visiting Sundarbans, you should check the things visit in their tour package.

Best 10 things to do in Sundarbans:

I have mentioned here, it will be a complete checklist for you.

  • Enjoy the riding boat early morning on the narrow canals.
  • You can very closely walk inside the forest.
  • to explore the forest in the evening look from on a watchtower
  • In the afternoon take sunbath at Jam tola Beach
  • Enjoy the sky at night and sound of nature
  • Watch River seagull and their friendliness
  • Visit a wildlife sanctuary
  • Always travel with in a group
  • Watchtower is the perfect place for you can see from where the wild animal
  • if you are lucky enough, you might see Royal Bengal Tiger

How to go to tourist spot in Sundarbans:

When you trip the Sundarbans from Khulna, going with the launch is the best option. You will also get private motor launch, speedboats, country boats as well as the mechanized vessel from Mongla port.

From Dhaka, you can reach the Khulna city by Air, by road or Rocket Steamer. You will find a lot of tour agency, For Example, Travel Mate, for making a standard tour plan for you on Sundarbans.

Places to visit tourist spot in Sundarbans:

There are many amazing places to visit in Sundarbans, you should not miss. Among the places…

  1. Hiron point
  2. Dublar Char Island
  3. Jamtola Beach
  4. Katka Beach
  5. Tin Kona Island
  6. Karamjol
  7. Mandarbaria
  8. Kochikhali Forest

Hiron Point:

Nearby Visiting Places
Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World

An attractive place in Sundarbans is a Hiron Point. another name is call “Nilkomol”. The place is attraction of a variety wildlife such as deer, monkeys, wild boars, reptiles, crocodiles, etc. But the world-famous Royal Bengal tiger which is currently an endangered.

Hiron Point is a protected wildlife sanctuary in the south of the Sundarbans. Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. one of the most famous places to see the Royal Bengal Tiger in the Sundarbans area. Besides Bengal tigers, Chitra deer, wild pigs, monkey and many birds are find in Hiron point.

Dublar Char Island:

visitable places near me
Best Places Visit Near Me

Dublar Char is a village of fisherman. Also It is a famous island at Sundarbans tourist spot in Bangladesh. It’s located on south side of the Sundarbans. It is familiar for the Punna Sanan, Rasmella  Of Hindu religion. Thousands of people come here to join the event from all over the country. there Local peoples main occupations is fishing and drying the fish. In the rainy seasons many peoples come from another district for catching the Hilsa fish. but they come from Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Bagerhat, Pirojpur, Khulna, Satkhira district. They started to live here near about 4/5 months. Generally, they stay in Meherali Khal, Alorkol, Majher Chor, Office Kella, Narikel Bariya, Manik Khali, Chafra Khali, Shalar Chor, etc.

Jamtola Beach:

You should keep this place in tour plan. Jamtola Sea Beach is most enjoyable tourist place in Sundarbans.  You can enjoy the charming beauty of the Seabeach. here you can see Sunrise and Sunset, blue sky at the same time. It makes your mind full of joy.

Jamtola Sea Beach is most attractive place at Sundarbans tourist spot in Bangladesh
Beautiful Places Near Me

Katka Beach:

Kotka Beach is a beautifull tourist spot in Sundarbans
Best Places to Visit Near Me

Katka Beach is a beautifull tourist spot in Sundarbans.  So where you can want jungle trial along with night stay. It is situate on the southeast corner of the Sundarbans. It’s about 90 kilometers away from Mongla port. One of the main attractions of this place is the Royal Bengal Tiger. sometimes where you can also see beautiful Chitra deer, variety of birds, and some of other wild animals. there is a watch tower from where can see wonderful view of the forests.There are some rest house and lunch house for tourist which is arrange by forest department in Katka. So If you want stay there contact with their office. you can also enjoy huge ocean waves from here. There are some small canals around it. Tourist can enjoy boating service in the canals and it is very enjoyable for everybody.

Tin Kona Island:

Tin Kona Island one of the beautiful Sundarban tourist spot in Bangladesh
Famous Places in the World

Those who are interest to travel the Sundarbans should visit the Tinkona Island. It’s one of the beautiful place in Sundarbans. but there has no facilities to stay at Tinkona Island. sometimes tourist can hear shouting of monkey and deers. You can enjoy some moments here watching natural views.Also the river ‘Pashur’ and ‘Mora Pashur’, go beside the Tinkona Island. These two rivers gave shape the island as three cones like Triangle. For this type of geographical shape it is name by title Tinkona Island.


Karamjal is most attractive tourist place in Sundarbans
Best Tourist Destinations in the World

Karamjal is most attractive tourist place in Sundarbans. So, It is one of the wonderful visiting place. To appreciate and to view the most cherished species of Bangladesh’s wildlife, thousands of visitors make their way to Karamjol, a ranger station deep in the forest that also serves as a deer-breeding center.Bangladesh has some magnificent wildlife species that are unique to the country. Karamjol is one of the gateways to the majestic wildlife sanctuary, Sundarbans.


Mandarbaria is a attractive Sundarbans tourist spot in Bangladesh. It is a perfect place where you can see Tigers as well as other deep forest animals. It is 8 kilometre-long. The Sundarbans mangrove forest is locate at end of the beach.

Mandarbaria is a attractive Sundarbans tourist spot in Bangladesh
Tourist Places to Visit Near Me

kochikhali forest:

kochikhali forest one of the scenic areas in Sundarbans
Nearest Tourist Spot

kochikhali forest is situate at 14 km to the east of katka. this spot features dense forests facing the bay of Bengal. it is very interesting place for trekking. among there is also a rest house for tourist at kochikhali. You’ll stay in boat at night and walk in Jungle in day. Ask your guide to take you to Watch towers and other places. if you are lucky enough, you might see Royal Bengal Tiger though its a bit rare chance now.

17 Best places to visit in Bangladesh you can’t miss

Top list of the best attractions Things To Do In Bangkok 2020

When you’re planning to visit in Bangkok, Thailand? when during your next travel? Things To Do In Bangkok 2020.

Great idea!

In order to help you plan your trip, I have prepare this guide of the 7 best things to do in Bangkok 2020 and its surroundings. You will find all attractions in and around the city as well as itineraries to visit Bangkok in 1, 2, 3 days or more!

BANGKOK – being the capital of Thailand, is the most populous city in the country. You can find delightful scenes, stunning temples, historical museums, unique culture, tasty foods, and what not! Like many other capital cities around the world, Bangkok also “never sleeps” at night.

Beautiful place Best Attractions Things To Do In Bangkok 2020

Whenever travelers make a bucket list of travel, this 605 square mile city named Bangkok always becomes their priority. As of 2020, the capital has a population of approximately 10.593 million which is about 15.3% of the total population of Thailand.

Bangkok is a budget-friendly city:

Bangkok is one of the most  fun and exciting destinations where you can dance all night, eat street foods, listen to the street musicians, have a relaxing body massage and spa. These are some of the unique experiences you should not miss.

Since a lot of travelers like us have a tight budget while visiting another country, we tend to have a short trip. That’s why you should be planning the tour carefully and efficiently. With a limited amount of budget, we cannot do too many activities and also have to think about the hotel rent.

Planning everything ahead of time not only saves your money but time as well which allows you to enjoy your limited time to the fullest!

Here are some of the best things to do in Bangkok 2020 that you don’t want to overlook as a traveler.

Places to Visit and Things to Do in Bangkok 2020:

Visit The Grand Palace 

The palace was built in 1782. It’s rich architecture and colorful designs will blow your mind away. You’ll get to know the Thai culture in detail! Unbelievable facts about Thai civilization will enrich your knowledge.

You have to maintain a strict dress code to enter The Grand Palace or you just have to be more careful with whatever you’re wearing. If your dress is not covering enough of your skin, they’ll make you buy pants and t-shirts.

Entrance Fee: It’s 500 Baht, which is almost equal to $16.

Wat Pho Palace

The oldest and biggest temple of Bangkok is named Wat Pho Palace. A 46 meters long gold made lying Buddha made it more special and worth the visit.

It’s situated in an old town which is Rattanakosin Island in Bangkok.

Entrance Fee: Around 100 Baht, which is almost $3.20.

Wat Arun Temple

Another temple for you to visit and enjoy its view and design is Wat Arun Buddhist temple. It’s situated in an area of modern Bangkok called Thonburi.

Entrance Fee: For this temple, it’s around 50 Baht or $1.60.


Khan Sao Road

It’s a short street center for backpackers paradise. best known street in the city. here many Street stalls, street food, and bars, loud music will make your night memorable. but if you’re wondering what to do in Bangkok one evening, this is a great place to try. But if you are a low budget traveler, then you can avoid buying anything from here. This place is not that, to be honest. But , there are many hostels and if you are searching for accommodation then it’s a great place for you.

Where to stay In Bangkok?

There are quite a few places you can stay when you are in Bangkok.

We suggest 9 places for you to stay in when you are having a trip there –

  1. Suvarnabhumi Airport Area 

It’s always a good idea to stay close to the airport if you are short on time. That way you can settle in as soon as you land at the airport and also can save time getting on the plane.

Hotel: “Floral Shire Resort” should be a good choice for a budget traveler. It has a very good review and not very pricy either.

Price: $15 per day for a room for 2 adults is their lowest offer.

  1. Siam Square

Siam Square is in the shopping district and there are many large shopping malls. It’s a great choice for staying if you are into shopping.

Hotel: “Siam Square House” should be the hotel for you if you want to save some money. It also has an excellent review.

Price: $26 is the lowest price they offer for a 2 adult room per day.

  1. Sukhumvit

Sukumvit is the luxurious part of Bangkok so it tends to be a bit pricy there. That’s why it may not be a good idea to stay there unless you find a relatively cheaper hotel to stay in that fits your budget.

Hotel: For the sake of saving, “S Box Sukhumvit Hotel” should be the one for you as it’s pretty cheap in the area and has a fairly good review.

Price: $19 is the minimum price they offer for a 2 adult room per day.

  1. Chinatown

Chinatown is currently the oldest town in Bangkok since Chinese merchants moved into that place in the 1780s. This place is mainly known for trades.

Hotel: “Arawana Express Chinatown” could be a good place to stay for you if you are on a tight budget. It has a decent review as well.

Price: Their lowest price starts from $13 for a 2 adult room per day!

  1. Silom

Silom is called the Wall Street of Bangkok during the day and at night it may be New York!

Hotel: “Siri Sathorn Bangkok by UHG” is probably the best choice you have if you want to stay in a decent place at a lower price. The hotel has an excellent review which should make it a good candidate for your hotel list.

Price: They offer the lowest $20 for a room of 2 adults per day.

  1. Dusit

Dusit is the political center of Thailand and it’s also renowned for Dusit Zoo. Because of its political environment, It’s not much lively yet compared to the other tourist spots.

Hotel: “Shanti Lodge” might be just the right choice for a budget traveler like you. The lodge also has a very good review.

Price: Minimum $18 for a 2 adult room per day.

  1. Khao San

Khao San Road is a paradise for backpackers. It’s the most famous street in Bangkok with all delicious street food and affordable clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

Hotel: “Rambuttri House” should be the one you are looking for if you want a quality stay at a cheaper price. The hotel has a very good review as well on top of that.

Price: $16 is the lowest price they offer for a 2 adult’s room per day.

  1. Bangkok Old Town 

It’s the historic center of Bangkok city. In the Bangkok Old Town, Rattanakosin Island is the most significant site with historical attachment.

Hotel: “Samsen Sam Place” is the recommendation we’re giving you in this case. The reason is it has an affordable rent price with a very good service review.

Price: The Price starts at $13 for a room of 2 adults per day.

  1. Thonburi 

Thonburi is a part of modern Bangkok. It’s on the bank of the Chao Phraya River. This part of Bangkok is famous for its peaceful and relaxing nature where you can find traces of traditional Thai culture.

Hotel: When you want good service at a relatively lower price, the “Grand Tower Inn Sathorn Hotel” is the one you are looking for. It has a pretty good service along with an excellent review.

Price: The price starts at $19 for a 2 adult room per day.

Best Restaurants in Bangkok

Experiencing Thai food is without a doubt some of the best things to do in Bangkok 2020.

Bangkok is famous for street foods, passion fruit juice, and especially Pad Thai. Pad Thai is made of rice noodles with tofu of chicken and vegetables.

If you want to explore the restaurants and its foods then you can just check out these places:

The Unicorn Café

This restaurant is different from other restaurants for its décor and environment. Most of the foods and other things are served in blue and pink colored dishes.

This unicorn-themed restaurant is fun to visit but its food isn’t worthy of the price that you pay. But you can have a look at it and have fun!

Madame Musur

You can go to this restaurant for dinner. It’s not that pricy at all but the foods are delicious.

If you are a coffee person, finding a good coffee for yourself can be a hard mission. You can choose from one of these cafes and bars:

Pool time café

You’ll find many restaurants with animals like cats, dogs, etc. But in this restaurant, you will find cute raccoons. The food, coffee, and drinks are so much refreshing.

Also, the environment is relaxing. The funky décor of this restaurant makes this place Instagram able.

The Gallery Drip Coffee

If you want to work and enjoy your coffee, you can go to The Gallery Drip Coffee. Desks are organized there and the environment is also work-friendly.

Some other Café in Bangkok

Old town café Bangkok and Roots coffee are two more popular cafes where you can have your wonderful coffee and make a plan for the day.

Shopping In Bangkok:

You can go to Pan Tip Plaza for electronics shopping.

One of the largest markets in the world is “Chatuchak Market”. It covers almost 35 acres of area. You’ll find fascinating handcrafted Thai products here and delicious street foods.

“Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin” is a night market. Bright lights, fancy outlook will make your night out the best. Also, you’ll find many antiques and vintage products here. It’s the best place in Bangkok for antique lovers.

If you’re buying something wholesale, bargain hard. And look for good shops for better products.

Don’t forget to buy a sim card for yourself. You can get an unlimited package with your sim card for only $20.

Entertainment in Bangkok:

Riding Tuk-Tuks

If you want to add something new and more fun to your experience, don’t forget to ride in a three-wheeled motorbike named tuk-tuk at least for once.

The Green Space

In the center of the busy and crowded city of Bangkok, you’ll find a calm park. Lumpini Park is a green space different from the whole other environment.

A quiet place like this will remove your tiredness. You’ll get to see lizard types of animals there. Don’t forget to visit Lumpini Park if you need a quiet time for your mind.


You’ll get to know different kinds of massages and can opt for these for a specific time range. The price will depend on the type of massage and duration.

There are so many things you can do but Thai massage is one of the best things to do in Bangkok 2020.

The Thai massage is special in Bangkok but it’s a bit painful for ordinary people. But it’ll rejuvenate and relax your whole body. You can get an aroma oil therapy and spa for relaxing. They are also very cheap.

Starting from 200 (Approx. $6.39) Baht to 800 Baht (Approx. $25.55) or highest 1000 Baht (Approx. $31.94), you’ll find spa and massages in temples as well. After entering, you have to pay a minimum of 420 Baht approximately $13.41.

As locals, the Thai people pay only 260 Baht for massages. Massages have a very relaxing and mind soothing effect on tourists and worth the money.

Transportations in Bangkok:

Bangkok’s transportation system may seem to be failing at first, but that’s not the case at all. Every country has its system which can be puzzling for the outsiders at first.

There are quite a few public transports that you can use to get around Bangkok –

  1. BTS Skytrain
  2. MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit)
  3. Local buses
  4. Local minivans
  5. Songthaews
  6. Taxis
  7. Motorbike taxis
  8. Tuk-tuks
  9. River and Canal Boats
  10. Inter-city road transportation
  11. Inter-city rail transportation
  12. Domestic flights

Besides all of those public transportations, there are also transportation apps like Uber and Grab that are pretty popular in Bangkok. GoBike is the official booking app for a motorbike taxi.

There is also an MRT app for the subway metro system.

Weather of Bangkok:

Normally Bangkok has two kinds of weather. One is “hot & dry” and another is “hot & wet”.

These two kinds can again be segmented into 5 different parts –

  1. Coolest Weather: Coolest time of the month is January.
  2. Hottest Weather: Hottest weather can be seen in April.
  3. Wettest Month: The wettest month is September.
  4. Lowest Humidity: From December to January has the lowest humidity.
  5. Sunniest Month: December to March is the sunniest months

December to February is best for a Bangkok trip coz it has the lowest humidity with a temperature of 24°C and a pleasant blue sky.

Planning for the Bangkok Trip

After learning about the best things to do in Bangkok 2020, you can make plans for a trip to Bangkok without any worries. Take your notebook and make a list of the things you’re going to take with you.

It’s always preferable to pack only the necessary stuff and pack as light as you can. Because you’re going to see some mind-blowing stuff in Bangkok and you cannot resist yourself buying souvenirs. Things To Do In Bangkok 2020

  • Before making the trip, you want to search for hotels for your accommodation through the internet.
  • After arriving at “Suvarnabhumi Airport” in Bangkok, you should buy a sim card using your passport from the airport shop. This way you’ll get better and reliable service with security.
  • On the first day, you should settle on the hotel and unpack your bags.
  • Start exploring the grand palace and other temples.
  • If you feel tired, then go to a park, sit back and relax.
  • Shop, get massages, and explore some more.
Final Thought

Take photos and make memories. Get yourself a beautiful travel journal and pin the photos of your special moment with a short note.

Write about your tour. Travel more often, explore the world and turn your soul wide open. So, Whenever you’re searching for the meaning of your life, go through your travel journals. It’ll make you feel alive and free.

Be safe, keep traveling.

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Japan?

Japan, also known as “The land of the rising sun” is an island country located in the eastern part of Asia. The country has four distinct seasons which is a source of pride and joy for Japanese people. Spring and autumn seasons are generally believed to be the best time to travel to Japan.

Wonderful temple views things to do in Japan

But there are many factors when you are deciding to travel to Japan.

Japan is one of the few technologically advanced countries which has culture and history dating back thousands of years. Because of that, the country is now a unique mix of tradition, culture, and technology.

This unique condition made Japan into an appealing travel destination and attracted a lot of tourists from around the world.

Along with other traits, Japan is also very organized and the people there are very well behaved. You’ll find only a few countries which run in such orderly fashion along with the politeness of the people there.

Most of the travel-related problems that the tourists face are also non-existent there.

Now that we know how alluring Japan is like a tourist spot, we just need one more question answered and that is – When is the best time to travel to Japan?

Although we’ve roughly answered the question at the beginning, we need some explanation to convince you as a tourist.

What is the Weather Like in Japan?

The country of Japan has four seasons and each season gives it a new transformation.

If you want to fully enjoy your tour in Japan then you need to know about the weather in Japan and carefully consider every factor related to it.

Describing the overall weather of Japan is a bit difficult because a different part of Japan shows different characteristics. As Japan an island country, it has 6852 islands.

The 5 main islands of Japan are –

  1. Hokkaido – Second largest island located at the northern end of Japan
  2. Honshu – Largest and most populous island located in the north of Japan
  3. Shikoku – Second smallest major island located in the southern part of Japan
  4. Kyushu – Third largest island located further south of Japan
  5. Okinawa – Smallest and least populated of the five major islands in the southwest of Japan.

Each of these main islands has slightly different weather due to geographical locations. Let’s start with the winter season in Japan.

Japan Weather in December

December is the start of the winter season in Japan. Japan’s winter weather usually depends on the region you are traveling to. But usually, it’s good for traveling due to the dry weather condition.

Temperature in Hokkaido can drop down to 2º C or 35.6º F.

Honshu has the driest weather in December. Tokyo, the capital of Japan is located on this major island. In Tokyo, the temperature should be around 12º C or 54º F and at night it can drop to 5º C or 41º F. Typically the temperature is 8 – 9°C on average.

Shikoku & Kyushu is located further south of Japan. But despite that, both of these major islands have similar weather to Honshu with an average temperature of 8-9° C or 46-48° F in December and the driest month of the year.

Okinawa Islands has the gentle-most temperature in December. On average the temperature is around 20º C or 68º F.

The only problem in December is its short days and barren state of plants and trees.

Japan Weather in January

Under normal circumstances, January is the coldest month of the year in Japan.

Cold weather and warm spirits things to do in Japan

The average Temperature in Hokkaido is around -3º C or 26.6º F due to heavy snowfall.

Honshu has an average temperature of 4 – 5º C or 39 – 41º F on a sunny day.

Shikoku & Kyushu has an average temperature of 4 – 5° C with the coldest and darkest month of the year.

Okinawa Islands enjoys a mild temperature of 18º C or 64.4º F.

January also has the problem of short days and barren plants like December.

Weather in Japan in February

February is the month that ends the winter season in Japan.

On Average, Temperature in Hokkaido is around at (-7) – 0º or 19 – 32º F with the perfect powered snow for winter skiing.

Honshu has the second coldest month of the year with an average temperature of 5 – 7º C or 41 – 44.6º F. Tokyo is slightly cooler and light snow.

Shikoku & Kyushu can have 5 – 12.22º C or 41 – 54º F of temperature. Some of the parts have a lower temperature but Fukuoka and Nagasaki are a bit warmer. Matsuyama has a similar temperature to Tokyo.

Okinawa Islands have a blissful warm temperature of 17º C or 62.6º F.

Just like January and December, February also has short days and barren plants.

Japan Weather in March

With the start of spring, March brings life and joy in the nature of Japan.

Hokkaido has an average temperature of 1º C or 33.8º F. It rains frequently with the occasional snowfall.

At the beginning of the month, the temperature remains like the winter season, but after a few days, it rises to a more spring-like temperature with an average of 10° C or 50° F.

Shikoku & Kyushu set the mood for spring.

The average temperature of the Okinawa Islands is about 20° C or 68° F and spring blossoms at the end of the month.

While at the end of March, many parts of Japan enjoy the start of their seasonal cherry blossom, north Japan still has conditions for winter sports.

Japan Weather in April

Most regions of Japan enjoy cherry blossoms during the spring of April. This is the reason many considers April to be the best time to travel to Japan.

The lower grounds on Hokkaido starts to melt with the average temperature of 8° C or 46.4° F and bright sunny days.

Although evenings of Honshu still feels chilly, Spring starts at full power with an average temperature of 15° C or 59° F.

For Shikoku & Kyushu, it’s dry and sunny in April with the temperature rising to 19° C or 66.2° F.

The average temperature of the Okinawa Islands rises to 21° C or 69.8° F.

While at the end of March, many parts of Japan enjoy the start of their seasonal cherry blossom, north Japan still has conditions for winter sports.

Japan Weather in May

Spring finally arrives in the Hokkaido and northern part of Japan! The temperature of dry and sunny days is comfortable with an average of 13° C or 55.4° F. At the end of the month, cherry blossom finally decides to show its face in Hokkaido.

Honshu have sunny and warm weather during May with occasional rainfall. The average temperature is 19 – 20° C or 66.2 – 68° F.

Sunny and dry weather is enjoyed throughout Shikoku & Kyushu in May with an average temperature of 19° C.

On Okinawa islands, the temperature rises on average 23° C or 73.4° F, and tropical rain also visit this region.

Japan Weather in June

June is the start of the rainy season in Japan.

Hokkaido and the northern part of Japan do not have a rainy season. It only has low rainfalls occasionally. Most of the time it’s the clear and sunny skies with an average temperature of 17° C or 62.6° F.

Rainy seasons start for Honshu and the central part of Japan which lasts until mid of July. It’s the wettest month of the year for this region.

Shikoku & Kyushu also face the most rainfall of the year during this month.

Okinawa and southern parts of Japan also face heavy rainfall which decreases and the end of June. At the end of the month. The temperature can rise to 29° C or 84.2° F.

Weather in Japan in July

The rainy season ends after the first half of July.

Hokkaido and the northern part of Japan don’t have anything to do with the rainy season as usual. July brings the signal of the hottest time of the year in this region with an average temperature of 21° C or 69.8° F.

Honshu is always drenched in rain at the start of July. Although the rain disappears at the end of the month, it becomes very hot and humidity increases with an average temperature of 27° C or 80.6° F.

Shikoku & Kyushu also have a soggy start at the beginning of July. But in the middle of the month, the average temperature rises to 27° C and the weather becomes hot and humid just like Honshu at the end of July.

Even if most other parts of Japan are experiencing rainy season, Okinawa and southern Japan have a time of high temperature with an average of 29° C in July.

Weather in Japan in August

In August, Japan is too hot for you!

It’s the hottest month of the year in Hokkaido with an average temperature of 23° C of 73.4° F. But the island has a higher altitude and because of that, the humidity of the northern region is much more bearable than other parts of Japan.

Honshu experience the hottest month of the year during August with the temperature rising to 35° C of 95° F. Sometimes the temperature might even rise higher. The humidity is also very high this month.

Just like any other part of Japan, Shikoku & Kyushu also faces the hottest time of the year the possibility of emerging typhoons.

Okinawa has an average temperature of 29° C or 84.2° F with a hot and humid temperature. Okinawa islands along with the northernmost parts of Japan are at the risk of being hit by powerful storms as it is the peak time for typhoons in august.

Weather in Japan in September

With the intense heat and typhoons, it may appear that traveling to Japan is not so appealing in September.

Hokkaido escapes the effects of typhoons although there might be light rain. Hokkaido experiences the time of autumn color during this month. The temperature on average is pretty high with an average of 20° C or 68° F.

The temperature of Honshu is very high in September with an average of 23 – 25° C or 73.4 – 77° F. Typhoons that hit the southern part of Japan cause intense rainfall. Tokyo experiences the soggiest time of the year.

Shikoku & Kyushu has a high temperature this month with an average of 245° C or 75.25° F. The possibility of typhoons remains in September.

For Okinawa islands typhoon continues at its peak. September is the wettest month for the southern part of Japan. With the temperature rising to 30° C or 86° F, Okinawa is the hottest place in Japan during this month.

Japan Weather October

In October, the weather is warm but not too hot with less rain and less humidity. So ideally this should be a great time to visit Japan.

Autumn is showing its magic across Hokkaido with everything it got in October. This is considered one of the best months of the year in this region with a dry and sunny day and an average temperature of 16° C or 60.8° F.

Honshu experiences a little bit cooler and drier time during October with an average temperature of 22° C 71.6° F.

With the arrival of Autumn Shikoku & Kyushu enjoys an average of 22° C temperature with warm evenings.

Okinawa islands and the southern part of Japan is peaceful in October since the peek time of typhoons has already passed. With an average temperature of 25° C or 77° F the days are sunny and warm. Although seawater starts to cool off, it’s still good enough for swimming and diving.

Japan Weather November

November is one of the best time to travel to Japan.

The temperature of Hokkaido drops down with an average of 8° C or 46.4° F. The chilly air is signaling that winter is coming in Japan! The first snowfall of the year often happens in November.

November brings a relatively dry time of the month in Honshu with an average temperature of 12 – 13° C or 53 – 55.4° F. Since Hiroshima gets more sunlight than Tokyo, it’s slightly warmer. November is the time that brings color and joy to Honshu and other central parts of Japan like Tokyo.

Shikoku & Kyushu also enjoys relatively dry weather in November with an average temperature like Honshu.

Typhoon season is fully over and so Okinawa along with southern parts of Japan are pretty much safe in November. The weather is dry and warm with an average temperature of 22° C or 71.6° F. The seawater is cold so it’s wiser not to go for a swim without a wetsuit.

When is the best time to travel to Japan?

With the seasonal discussion from above, we can finally conclude this topic and make a solid decision about the best time to travel to Japan.

Winter Season in Japan (December – February)

If you are into snowboarding and other snow sports, then the winter season is definitely the best time for you to visit Japan. Although many of the tourist attractions close down for the New Year holidays ski season starts in December.

If you time it right, you may enjoy Christmas and New Years’ in Japan during winter.

The snowy landscapes, hot springs, and Mount Fuji is also very alluring especially if you are a photographer.

Spring Season in Japan (March – May)

If you decide to travel to Japan, you can enjoy Japan’s famous cherry blossom. The mid-spring or April is said to be the best time to visit Japan because cherry blossom is in full swing at that time. The start of Golden Week also happens in late April.

May is also a very good choice for traveling to Japan due to the flourishment of nature and the comfortable temperature.

Autumn Season in Japan (September – November)

During the autumn season, while October is considered a great time to travel to Japan, November is one of the best time to visit Japan.

The typhoon is all over and the sun shines brightly with mild temperature. The true color of autumn shows all over Japan.

What else do you need?

If you are a photographer or a nature lover then this is the time for you to shine.

Final Thoughts

Life is stressful and traveling is a great way for reducing our stress. While getting rid of our stress we don’t need any more stress to add up. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider many things when you are traveling.

If we just pay attention to a few things, we can reduce many hassles and make the travel experience much more enjoyable.

The best time to travel to Japan is dependent on the time and region you want to visit. We tried to briefly explain this in an easy way.

Hope you’ll have a nice trip to Japan this year.

Thank you and happy traveling.

10 Best Hotels In Cox’s Bazar

If you are a sea lover and want to be Best Hotels in Cox’s Bazar near the Beach as you can during your stay, some of the good hotels for travelers looking to stay near Beach. It is as intoxicating as it is diverse; a melting pot of exotic aromas. 
Interesting place, and visual delights. It’s a place with infinite layers that you need to explore to expose its hidden secrets. If you’re planning a trip to Cox’s Bazar, make sure to allow enough time to see their beauty.
you are eager to know your options. I have the perfect options for you to dip your toes in the sea within a matter of minutes. some of the source of hotel that have given this place enjoyable status.

Here are the 10 Best Hotels in Cox’s Bazar near Beach to stay in:

1) Hotel The Cox Today:

If you want a hotel near the beach with luxurious hotels and facilities, then Hotel The Cox Today will be perfect for you.
  • This hotel has a deluxe double, triple room to royal room available.
  • Also, there are romantic Honeymoon suites available for couples
  • and the best thing is you can choose whether you want the hill view or sea view.
  • This hotel is the perfect venue for family trips. Because it has a
  • Children’s pool, Playground on site, Babysitting or childcare
  • (surcharge), supervised childcare and activities are available.
  • It has a pool outside where you can enjoy your summer with a smoothie in hand

2) Windy Terrace Boutique Hotel:

Windy Terrace is a three-star hotel located in the main town of Cox’s Bazar.
  • This hotel can be the perfect destination for you as it is a seven
  • to eight-minute walk from the Laboni beach and five kilometers from the N1 road.
  • The pricing of the room approximately starts from BDT 4,000.
  • This hotel has a modernized view and a pool full of koi fishes in the front.
  • There are free WIFI and enjoyable dining for families. It offers free breakfast in their package.
  • It offers a free shuttle service, which includes picking you or dropping you from the airport.
  • The rooms upfront the windy terrace.
  • They contain a LED tv, a built-in living area, and a clean bathroom with a separate wash area.

3) Hotel Elaf International:

Hotel Elaf International is a three-star and one of the Best Hotels in Cox’s Bazar near beach.
  • It has an attached lounge and a garden.
  • The price of a standard double room starts with BDT 1,783 and
  • the price of a deluxe double room starts with BDT 1,953 per night.
  • The deluxe double room has a balcony, air conditioning system,
  • picturesque view, flat-screen tv, minibar, and free WIFI.
  • This hotel has a big restaurant with many cuisines available
  • like Asian, English, and contemporary.
  • Guests can park their cars in their free private parking.
  • Also, they have a paid airport shuttle service.
  • Guests can enjoy 24/7 indoor service. 

4) Hotel Sea Crown:

The hotel sea crown is locate in front of the sea so you can have scenic sea views.
  • The beach is one-minute walking distance from this hotel and
  • the beautiful Sugandha sea beach is two kilometres away from it.
  • Its rooms have a price range of BDT  4,000 to BDT 40,000 that gives you an array of choices.
  • Their most well-known room is the Superior Triple room which
  • has a beautiful view through a balcony, flat-screen TV with all
  • satellite channels, Telephone, Wake-up service, private toilet with a attached washroom.
  • There is a bar where alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are serve. Another convenience is, his hotel is close to both Cox’s Bazar Airport and the bus station. 

5) Hotel Coral Reef:

This hotel is a 3-star hotel located in Kolatoli road. If you are searching for the Best Hotel in Cox’s Bazar near Beach, you should definitely check Hotel Coral Reef out.
  • It is 1.1 kilometers away from Kolatoli beach and needs a 15-minute walk to reach Laboni beach.
  • The pricing of the room for two people is an average of BDT 4000. The room is spacious with Air conditioning.
  • Also, they include Mini-bar and a sitting area. They offer free internet, free breakfast, and free parking service.
  • You can also use their tour/ticket help service and paid shuttle service to roam in the city.
  • They also have a public patio and barbeque grill for your leisure time.

6) White Orchid:

White orchid is the perfect hotel for the beach lovers because it is locate in an area where beaches are walking distance away.
  • Kolatoli and Sugandha are seven and fourteen-minute walking distance from this hotel.
  • The famous Cox’s Bazar Beach and Cox’s Bazar Lighthouse is
  • twenty-seven-minute walking distance from it.
  • Aside from the perfect location, this hotel has many amenities
  • available for its guests which include rooms with beautiful
  • views, restaurants with many cuisines, a terrace where guests
  • can have barbecues at night.
  • This hotel has a deluxe room for executive suits and the prices start with BDT 3500.

7) Prasad Paradise Hotel & Resort:

This hotel is locate on a new beach road, standing tall in its own architectural glory showcasing its crescent shape.
  • Its 1.3 kilometers away from Laboni beach. Takes almost 5 minutes to reach the beach.
  • The pricing of the rooms starts from BDT 6,000 at least.
  • 10 bungalows are available. They have their own independent gardens.
  • They have a playground for children
  • They have 24/7 beach service with a tight security detail.
  • They have a conference hall and pool.
  • Free WIFI, breakfast, and room service are also available.

8. Long Beach Hotel:

Comprising the stunning views of Cox’s Bazar, the Long Beach Hotel is locate very close to the hills.
The beach, offering its guests world-class hospitality and a friendly atmosphere.
  • This pleasant hotel is situate a 14-minute walk from Cox’s Bazar Beach and 3 km from Cox’s Bazar Airport.
  • The price of a room for two individuals, the Premier Double
  • Bed, is an average of BDT 5019, including taxes and charges.
  • The warm, spacious rooms provide free internet access and a
  • flat-screen TV, parking-lot, pool, minibars, and balconies. Suites have separate dining rooms and kitchenettes; others have whirlpool pools. Room service is available 24 hours a day, also offers free breakfast.
  • They also have decent facilities in a corporate center where you
  • can host your corporate conferences, and they also have a fitness center, etc.
  • Long Beach Hotel will give you an unforgettable experience if
  • you are planning a grand wedding or an enjoyable party, business, or small gathering. 

9.  Lighthouse Family Retreat:

Lighthouse Family Retreat is locate near the Kolatoli beach. Also, Laboni beach, Sugondha beach, Burmese market everything is near it. 
  • There is an open garden attached to this hotel.
  • There is an economy suite, Luxury Suite, Deluxe Double Room,
  • and Deluxe Twin Room available here.
  • The price range starts with BDT 2500.
  • There are various facilities available here which include free
  • continental breakfast every day, 24/7 guest service, Airport shuttle, and Concierge services
  • The rooms are simplistic but come with many amenities which
  • include laundry services, air conditioning, and free services. There is a private bathroom attached to each room and free toiletries are available. 
10. Sayeman Beach Resort:
This hotel is locate in  Marine Drive, Kolatoli, If you are an aesthetic person the ivory vintage chic interior hotel, with a beachfront view, is for you.
  • This hotel is a 2-minute walk away from the main beach.
  • The pricing of the luxurious rooms starts from BDT 8,000.
  • All the rooms have a beautiful ocean view.
  • They have an infinity pool.
  • They have in house spa service.
  • You can use their private beach to jet ski, kayak, surfing. Biking, sea-gazing, etc.
So these were the Cheap Hotels in Cox’s Bazar near beach. If you want near the beach and swoon-worthy service, these hotels are perfect for you. Enjoy your sea-time in any of these mentioned hotels. The services and views are worth giving a shot! We can assure you that your beach time will be pleasant during your stay in these hotels!

Natural beauty place Happy Bee Farm Genting Highlands:

So beautiful natural place …..The Happy Bee Farm Genting have a gift shop, you can buy a organic honey and a lot of variations made of honey, like tea, coffee, chocolates. there’s honey taste is the difference.
so you can buy their products with nectar, chocolates vinegar and so forth. We saw the way of life nectar posterior of the industrial facility. The spot is perfect. It is liberate from section charge to visit there. they give you a snappy demonstration of a hive, the bees don’t nibble.

Happy Bee Farm at Resort world Genting highlands Malaysia

Happy Bee Farm Genting:

On honey bee cultivating in Genting Highlands Cheerful Bee Farm Genting offers guests a direct yet safe experience . this houses a butterfly ranch, bistro, and retail outlet selling estimated items, for
example, honey bee dust, imperial jam, propolis, and characteristic nectar. Live grandstands are hold for the duration of the day, where you can see a province of honey bees in real life by means of a
transparent encased board,from structure honeycombs to social occasion residue and nectar from the estate’s various plants and trees. A cultivated beekeeper also appears during one of this
displays, gathering rough nectar from apiaries while be include by an enormous number of flying stingers
Bee Farm Genting Highlights Happy Bee Farm Genting is likewise an instructive center point for those hoping to get familiar with honey bees, including broad presentations of honey bee examples,
environmental life framework, and different hive arrangements. There are additionally intuitive learning stations furnished with pictures, graphs, and broad media introductions of honey bees and their job in nature. Extra charges to Happy Bee Farm Genting
cost RM 20 for grown-ups and RM 16 for kids somewhere in the range
of three and 12 years of age, yet for Malaysian guests, tickets price evaluated at RM 16 and RM 12. Open day by day, it’s inside a 15- minute drive from various tourist spots in Genting Highlands,
including Chin Swee Caves Temple, Genting Highlands Premium Outlets, and the Awana Sky way link vehicle station.
Opening Hours: Daily 09:00 – 21:00
Address: Genting Highlands, 6452, Genting View Resorts, KM 11-3, Pahang.

Most of the natural breathtaking beaches attractions in Langkawi :

If you visit Malaysia you can see Best Of The Island And Nice Beaches Attractions In Langkawi. It is an inspiring place and also serves as one of the beautiful landscape to travel to Malaysia. The scenic beauty of this place is breathtaking enclosed by lush green highlands all-around dazzling on the turquoise blue water of the island.

Near Beach Attractions In Langkawi

The scenic beauty of this is breathtaking  place In Langkawi

Best Attractions In Langkawi is a Picturesque Island :

Datai Bay, Pantai Cenang, and Tanjung Rhu – the best in the world. Besides that there few islands – you must visit before leaving those islands.

Datai Bay :

The beautiful beach is Datai Bay full of white sands.  The beach shape looks like a half-moon. The Datai Bay most of the classy and attractive resorts. This area has a five-star resort. It is a private beach. Located The Datai beach are the end of Langkawi at the north western. From the Pantai Cenang  45 minutes drive. You can reach there by the taxi or rental car. If you are residing here during trip to Langkawi.  Datai Langkawi some houses of the near Langkawi islands. If you look towards the resort, you will see many visitors sunbathing in the sun on a relaxed beach.  Provided by the resort from chairs  and umbrella. The seashore seats and the umbrellas are set up at a level minimal higher than the sea shore.

Datai beach shape looks like a half moon attractions in Langkawi, MalaysiaPantai Cenang Beach:
Pantai Cenang is the bustling sea shore town on Langkawi Island when you travel the beautiful place,
you can find there a various combination of cafes and restaurants, various traditional foods and shop as well as souvenir shops, and duty-free shop along its scenic beach. Langkawi International Airport a need 10-minutes, a general holiday destinations for families. there enjoyable fascinations place such as Underwater World. Kiki Club at Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa and Rice Garden Museum. Featuring there white sands and clear waters, Pantai Cenang’s and extensive sea shore is likewise extraordinary for exciting water sports, for example, parasailing and skiing. Langkawi’s highest charm is the exceptional sandy beaches where you will not see crowds most of the year and you
will be able to enjoy yourself until the lights of the sky are not lost at sunset. There’s nightlife scene is the sparkling on Langkawi Island. Beach front bars and salons offering traditional alcohol and foods, as well as live music and cultural performances until late night.
Attractions In Langkawi is a Pictureque Island Pantai Cenang
Attractions In Langkawi is a Picturesque Island Pantai Cenang
Tanjung Rhu:
One of the famous beaches in Malaysia Tanjung Rhu Beach. Situated in on Jalan Tanjung Rhu, kedah.  A popular Tanjung Rhu beach in the north-east of Attractions in Langkawi. that is cozy and nice beach. the Padang Lalang village and the jetty point nearby Langkawi island. situate at northeastern tip of the Langkawi island. It is around 20km from the Kuah town. Tanjung Rhu Beach is one of the must visit place in Langkawi Island particularly for beach lovers. mainly attraction is the limestone.
Attractions in Langkawi Tanjung Rhu Beach, Malaysia
Attractions in Langkawi Tanjung Rhu Beach, Malaysia
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