Natural view sightseeing at Srimangal tour plan in Bangladesh:

Undoubtedly  the most beautiful forest, wetlands, and wildlife of Srimangal tour plan on a single day . While walking through the hills of Srimangal, you’ll discover a Srimangal tour plan yourself in the midst of a sea of lush green. For miles around you won’t find people, and will be able to enjoy the relaxing nature to your heart’s content without any interruption. 

Srimangal is located in the Moulvibazar district in the Sylhet division. You can merge your Sylhet tour and Srimangal tour plan together for more efficiency. Most of the hills of Srimangal are covered with the carpet of green tea plants. 

You can also visit the orange garden, lemon garden, pineapple garden, reserved forest and bird sanctuary. visiting Srimangal tour plan is a plus add to your Bangladesh tour.

Srimangal is the tourist spot in Bangladesh

No wonder it’s called the tea capital of Bangladesh. Cycling through the narrow path across the many tea estates is as peaceful as it gets. If you want to spend a relaxing and vacation, then Srimangal tour is the one for you. It is the most picturesque and enjoyable part of the country.

Enjoy the sip of fresh tea in the middle of the tea plantation while I watching the hard at work tea pickers collecting tea leaves, what can be more relaxing than that?
Even if tea is not your cup of tea (sorry for the pun!)  you can still enjoy the scenery and greenery to your heart’s content. There are have lemon orchards, pineapple plantations, and rubber tree plantations.
In the Lowacherra National Park, you may go hiking. cruise around Madhabpur Lake. you’ll find a splendid forest. Explore the forest to enjoy bird watching wetland at Baikka Beel and discover wildlife.
You can encounter Hollock Gibbons (a type of primate) as well while tracking the Ham Ham waterfall in Rajkandi reserve forest. 

The life of tribal people is extremely fasciniting:

Go visit different tribal villages there and blend in with the friendly indigenous people. Observe their simple way of life and be amaze. You’ll learn something from their lifestyle.
Most of them are Buddhist, and few are Hindus, Christians and Animists. they Peoples are highly self-reliant, they grow their own foods, weave their own clothes.

Tips for around visit of Srimangal:

  • Easy and comfortable  shoes wear because some places the trekking inside the forest.
  • This implies shirts for men or ladies. Shirts are alright. You may wear a tank top will not be any problem in Srimangal.

What time best time to travel:

Best time of the year to travel I recommend for you April to November. because that time you will see female workers picking tea on many tea gardens in Srimangal.

If you make a plan spending on couple hours at that place on pursue. try travel to November to March, at that time there weather is cool and comfortable and less humid.

Your trip should include visitation to a tea plantation which will give you a chance to go to a testing house where you can drink a cup of delicious tea while enjoying nature.
While you are at it, you should go to a tea cabin-like Nilkantha Tea Cabin.  It has 7 different colors and 7 different flavors at each layer. Going on a Srimangal tour is one of the best things you can do in Bangladesh.

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