Best Resorts price List in Sajek Valley:

Sajek valley is the biggest union in Bangladesh located at Baghaichari Upazilla in Rangamati District. It’s situated about 2000 feet above sea level from where you can see most of Rangamati’s beauty.

Travel to Sajek Valley with Best Travel, the land of clouds. You can enjoy best resorts in Sajek Valley Tour with your family .

The scenic beauty of Sajek changes from morning to noon. As the tourists like the clouds, hills, sunrise, sunset and visual beauty of Sajek, it has become one of Bangladesh’s most popular tourist spots.

Best Resorts in Sajek Valley Sajek Best Resorts Prices

One of the unique experience of touching cloud, losing visibility of the next person in close vicinity owing to cloud, or being covered by cloud while walking on a hilltop in Sajek. It is unforgettable moments.

When best time to visit in Sajek valley :

Sajek is an Amazing  place!! clouds are play nicely around Sajek. any day or any time you can visit in Sajek. but, Between the months of September and March of every year is the best time to visit Sajek Valley and that’s when accommodation becomes very limited. During the long weekends, the demand for visitor’s skyrockets.

There are around 100 big and small resorts in Sajek where you can stay with your friends, family and loved ones. The resorts in Sajek can accommodate up to 3000 people. Still during the peak time, they cannot meet the demand. So, it is recommended to book a resort before starting the trip.

The room price may differ when booking a resort for regular days versus holiday. If cottage owner’s charge undue rent from a tourist in Sajek, they are penalized soon after an investigation by the authority. Most of the resorts are generally fully booked seven days a week.

Before booking a resort, you should prioritize the factors like resort’s quality, location and view to get the most out of your trip. Because some resorts might have the best view but worst quality or some resorts are in a position from where much more time would be wasted to get to the main point.

You can see there are many factors to consider while booking a resort in Sajek. That’s why I have written this article to provide you with the best resorts list in Sajek Valley with room price.

The Best Resorts in Sajek Valley with Top View:

The Mind-blowing hill top resorts in Sajek for spending your holiday.

  1. Sajek Resort:

    The Sajek Resort also known as Sajek Army Resort. Though it is one of the best resorts to stay in Sajek. The resort has a beautiful garden with swings and a foggy atmosphere.

In this two-story resort, there are four rooms on the top floor. The amazing VIP rooms of this resort will be worth every penny. You will get an outstanding view of Sajek from the room.

You have to book earlier to get a room in this resort. Discounts are available for army employees and first-class government officers

Price: 10,000-15,000 BDT per night depending on the room.

Contact: 01769302370

  1. Pakhir Basa – Honeymoon Cottage:

    Pakhir Basa resort has one of the best luxury honeymoon cottages which offer a new way of experiencing the beauty of Sajek.

Best Resorts price List in Sajek Valley

The first light of dawn will be enough to wake you up so that you can enjoy the beautiful view of sunrise between clouds and mountains by lying in bed.

This resort has a spacious open balcony attached to each room including swings, selfie zone. Also, they provide self-served tea and coffee service in each room to relieve your tiredness.

Price: Best view room 5,500 BDT, site view room 4,500 and bachelor room 2,500 BDT per night.

Contact: 01870789802

  1. Meghpunji Resort:

    The Meghpunji Resort is one of the most popular resorts for tourists in Sajek Valley. Every cottage of this resort has 1 big bed with 2-3 people and an extra flooring bed which can accommodate 1-2 people. The cottages are surrounded by glass so you will get a full infinity view from inside the cottage.

The Best Resorts in Sajek Valley

Each cottage has an open terrace facing east from where you will get an astounding 360-degree view of clouds, mountains and sky.

Price: 4,500-5,000 BDT per night depending on the cottage.

Contact: 01815761065

  1. Sumui Eco Resort:

    The Sumui Eco Resort is a budget-friendly luxurious eco-resort. The resort will give you the feeling of an authentic tribal house with modern luxuries.

The resort has a total of four cottages with dedicated washrooms & terraces facing the Mizoram range. From your room, you can enjoy the marvelous views and the magnificent scenery of Sajek.

This is the best resort to experience Sajek’s unique culture and create lasting memories.

Price:  5,000 BDT per room per night on weekends & holidays, and 4500 BDT on weekdays.

Contact: 01880908448

  1. Meghmachang Resort:

    The Meghmachang resort is popular amongst tourists for its branding, spectacular location, and wonderful view from the cottage.

The resort has a total of five cottages made of wood and bamboo. 4-5 people can stay together in each cottage here. Each cottage has an open terrace facing Mizoram. You will really enjoy the clouds from there.

Their hospitality is very good. They will surprise you with complimentary tea and breakfast. If you want to get the perfect view of Sajek this is the best resort for you.

Price: 3,500-5,000 BDT per night depending on the cottage.

Contact: 01822168877

  1. Ruilui Queen Resort:

    The Ruilui Queen Resort gives you an environment of exquisite ecological beauty and unending relaxation, the birds and nature itself have a lot of things to teach.

The resort has four individual cottages with 4 people’s accommodation in each room and an attached terrace from where you can view the sunrise.

The three-layer edifice of bamboo and fences has made the atmosphere inside the cottage attractive and comfortable.

Price: 4,000-5,000 BDT per night depending on the cottage.

Contact: 01632030000

  1. Runmoi Resort:

    The Runmoi Resort is another army resort with a large area. Here multiple seating places at the inner side. There are an attractive outer look and surrounding natural beauty.

This resort has a total of 5 rooms and 2 people can be accommodated in each room. An extra bed can be taken if needed. Pre-booking is mandatory for this reosrt.

If you are looking for a safe and secure resort this is the best resort in Sajek to enjoy night clouds and a fresh peaceful atmosphere.

Price:  4,450 BDT – 4,950 BDT per night depending on the room.

Contact: 0186547688

  1. Jumghor Eco Resort:

    The Jumghor Eco Resort is very popular among Sajek travelers for its aesthetic presentation and tribal look.

The resort features a total of 6 cottages, each having two rooms for guests to stay in. Four people can be accommodated in each room.

Every cottage of this resort has a large terrace, swings, love gardens and seating arrangements to enjoy the view of the clouds. Also, this resort will provide you to watch the beautiful sunrise.

Price:  Regular rent 4,000 BDT per night per cottage and on weekdays & holidays 4,500 BDT per night per cottage.

Contact: 01884208060

  1. Meghadree Eco Resort:

    The Meghadree Eco Resort is an eco-friendly resort that presents you with a unique form of beauty of the mountains, skies, clouds all merged from the terrace of this resort. The resort has 6 couple bedrooms and 2 twin bedrooms which can accommodate up to 16 people. The resort has a well-groomed garden and breakfast facility and terrace only in front of twin bedrooms.

Price: Twin bed room 3,500 BDT and couple bed room 3,000 BDT per night. Room rent might increase some times.

Contact: 01883697728

10. Darjeeling Resort: The Darjeeling scenery is the best place to enjoy the natural beauty of the hills in a quiet secluded environment. The  Darjeeling  Resort is an budget friendly resort.

The resort has 8 couple bedrooms.  14 twin bedrooms which can accommodate up to 72 people. The resort has a well-groomed garden and breakfast facility and terrace only in front of twin bedrooms.

If you love to watch the dancing of clouds with family and loved ones.

Price: Twin bed room 3,500 BDT and couple bed room 3,000 BDT per night.

Contact: 01824-422414

Which one do you think is the best resort in Sajek Valley?

Tell us your favorite resort list in Sajek. How was your stay there?

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