The Covid-19 pandemic is not far from over. However, if you are looking for suggestions to go somewhere to take a breather, here is a list of some places you can visit while maintaining the health guidelines. Don’t forget to wear a mask carry a hand sanitizer.

25 Places visit In Bangladesh near Dhaka:

Dhaka is one of the most popular places to visit in Asia. It is that the capital of Bangladesh which is found within the center of the beautiful area. It’s a city of flexibility and a lot of art & structure. In the event that you are searching for spots to visit in Bangladesh. you have come to the right place, the main tourist attractions listed here are – beautiful natural places, landmarks, and amusement parks.

There are tons of places to travel and things to try inside and Visit in Bangladesh near Dhaka. Dhaka is legendary for therefore many things. It is called the town of the mosque or the town of rickshaw (a local transport).

How can to go to Mawa Ghat :

Day trips to Mawa offers the scenic view of the river Padma, and enjoys fresh ‘ilish’. Have you ever visited Mawa express way and felt ‘wow’ about it?

Mawa ferry ghat is famous for traditional fish (Hilsha). This place becomes one of the busiest places. Mawa may not be as popular as other cities in Bangladesh, but Mawa is a smaller but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit.

If you have plans to visit Bangladesh and are not sure if Mawa should be included in your itinerary, keep reading. In this list, have put together some of the things to do in Mawa and around 35 kilometer from Dhaka. from Dhaka to Mawa have many bus service – Such as – Shadhin Poribahan, BRTC, Illish Poribahan. who like to comfortable journey , so can be use BRTC Ac Bus from Gulishtan.  Mawa is the place for an ultimate cheap and chill trip.

Mawa Resort:

The Mawa resort is located in Munshiganj, an ideal base to explore the local area.

The resort has a playground for both football and cricket, restaurant with delighted food.

The lake surrounded by coconut trees and the colorful bridges made of wood has made this resort more attractive.

With realistic prices and accommodation, Mawa resort is a great spot for refreshment.

Zinda Park:

I must say I enjoyed the beautiful and rural landscape during my short journey in Narayangonj. Some place of point nice view of pond. You can do boating and some place of tree house. So you can enjoy whole day.

The view of green trees, green paddy fields from both the sides of roads will never let you feel tired. And what to say about the beautiful blue sky, though sometimes cloudy but I love every shade of sky. This green park is very near from Tinsho feet. It’s a quiet and hassle-free park where you can enjoy a good time with the whole family, unlike other parks in Dhaka. 100 taka entry fee per person.*50 take for car parking.

Baliati Zamindar Bari:

The great Palace Baliyati Zamindar Bari. Baliati Zamindar Bari is situated at the town of Baliati, in Saturia Upazila of Manikganj District. The castle is arranged on a rich and rambling reason, around 16,000 square meters. Rear of the royal residence has a lake having four ghats. It is perhaps the best example of the 19-century landmarks of the renaissance frontier style in Bangladesh. The author of the Baliati Zamindar was one Govinda Ram Shaha, who was a major salt vendor, constructed the Complex (Bari). This wonderful complex has been blamed by the Bangladesh Archeological Department in 1987 and has been given another name “Baliati Palace” as ensured social property.

The commitment of the zamindars of Baliati throughout the entire existence of artifacts of Manikganj region is important. The zamindars of Baliati have left a tradition of in excess of a long time from the primary portion of the nineteenth century to the main portion of the 20th century which has particularly enhanced the relics of the locale. The name of Baliati spread in the country and abroad through Vrindavan Chandra Roy Chowdhury and Jagannath Roy Chowdhury, the two children of Nityananda Roy Chowdhury, the zamindar of Pathan Bari.

Chuti Resort Gazipur:

The Chuti Resort has been built in a rural setting covering about 17 acres of land in the Sukundi village of Gazipur adjacent to the Bhawal National Park.

The resort offers boating, fishing, and tent camping in the protected tree forest. There are also cottages, birdhouses, herbal gardens, picnic spots, playgrounds, and a kid’s zone.

Another attraction of Chuti Resort is Horse-riding which will give you a feeling of wildlife.

Golap gram:

Jahangir nagar:

Moinot Mini Beach:


Armenian Church:

Jol O Jongoler Kabbo Pubail:

The Jol o Jongoler Kabbo is built over a huge area of 30 acres located at Pubail in Tongi, Gazipur.

The whole resort has been created over a completely rural environment making it popular for day-tour.

The distinctive feature of this resort is they serve their guest with traditional Bengali cuisine, rice, vegetable, and fish grown on their own land.

Jol O Jongoler Kabbo is the best resort for you to introduce your city kid to the rural life of Bangladesh.

Jamuna Resort,Tangail:

Padma Resort Munshi gonj:

Nohash Polli Resort & Restaurant:

Banglar Taj Mahal:


Dhaka is the largest city tourist spot in Bangladesh

No matter how it is, Dhaka metropolitan city is the capital of Bangladesh. The center of the country is bustling with people and the traffic seems unbearable. With so much crowd and noise who can enjoy a decent vacation right?

But despite all the problems in Dhaka, there are still things you can enjoy. There are lots of tourist places in near to Dhaka city for you to explore.

Almost every other corner you’ll find some kind of tea stall. In every area, there are a few mosques for the Muslims to pray. That’s why Dhaka is also called the city of the Mosque.

If you want to find delicious food, you should go to the Old Dhaka or Bihari Potti in Mirpur 1 or Muhammadpur. The trip will be worthwhile we guarantee it.


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