Travel To Artistic Landmark at Manakamana, Pokhara, Nepal:

Travel To Artistic Landmark at Monokamona

Enjoyable Travel To Artistic Landmark in Nepal.It is also showy affluent with many famous historical antiquated architects (Holy temples, palaces). There are many aesthetic historic points in Nepal to investigate. Some vacation spots in the focal point of Kathmandu and Pokhara city are alluring Royal Palace, Kasthamandap, Darbar Square, Swayambhunath Temple, Pashupatinath Temple and Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave. Those landmarks are also famous with many years old history.

Way to Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave and Davis Falls

I’ve loved to explore some old artistic architects In Nepal. So inside this Nepal enjoyable travel, Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave I had visited Pokhara in January 2018 and Swayambhunath, Boudhanath
and Kasthamandap temples in Kathmandu in January, before my departure from Nepal. But I missed the chance to enter Kathmandu Durbar Square as it Old artistic landmark due to Tihar celebration.


Kasthamandap Temple:

Kasthamandap, the temple made out of a single tree. This Temple is such and Artistic landmark  Architect! One of the most beautiful wooden architectural designs in my eyes. This is a three-storied
pagoda style temple is one of the largest and famous pagodas in Kathmandu, Nepal. The place known as Kasthamandap itself, and after which Kathmandu named. I usually don’t like crowds. But I’ve loved that place and a lot. The whole temple decorated , the city was in a jolly mood celebrating Tihar with Rangoli colours and flowers in the daytime. Many tourists were sitting on the outside stairs of the temple, busy with snapping. I’ve enjoyed the whole scenario and captured those moments.

Artistic Kasthamandap Temple view

Artistic landmark Kasthamandap Temple view

Beautiful wooden Architrure of Kasthamandop

Beautiful Wooden Architecture  of Artistic Landmark Colorful Marigold garlan for sale

Colourful Marigold Garland for sale

Swayambhunath Stupa

The artistic landmark of Swayambhunath Temple

Swayambhunath :

Swayambhunath is one the world’s most eminent Buddhist Chaityas and 2000 years of age recorded ancient rarity. Located in Kathmandu and also known as the Monkey Temple. This artistic, ancient and religious landmark is a must-visit spot for all tourists. From the entry, you got to cut ticket, for SAARC nations ticket price is less than others. The whole place os serene; you can enjoy the mountain views at the top of the hill of this temple.

Swayambhunath is one the world's most glorious Buddhist Chaityas

Swayambhunath is one the world’s most glorious Buddhist Chaityas

It got 365 steps of the long stairway, but be careful while climbing up. I’ve liked many Shiny Stupas, Prayer Wheels(The mantra’Om Mani Padme Hum’ written in Sanskrit on the outside of the wheel. People do recite that mantra while rolling those wheels) and the smell of candles from this temple.

Shop of Antique at Swayambhunath

Antique Shop at Swayambhunath

Famous many antiques, cards, jewellery. You may sit here for
sometimes or under the trees down on the stairs to feel the holiness and calmness of the inner your soul.
Swayambhunath is also listed as a Cultural World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Holy Monkeys around the Swayambhunath Temple

Holy Monkeys around the Swayambhunath Temple

Stairway at Swayambhunath Temple

Stairways  at Swayambhunath

Prayer Wheels at Swayambhunath Temple

Prayer Wheels at Swayambhunath Temple

Prayer Wheels of Swayambhunath

Prayer Wheels of Swayambhunath


The Buddhist Stupa of Boudha Stupa is an artistic landmark. It is one of the largest Stupas in the world. Offered prayers here for many centuries Tibetan merchants have rested. Many public decided to live around Boudhanath When refugees entered Nepal from Tibet in the 1950s,  The Stupa is say to entomb the remains of Kassapa Buddha.

Boudhanath Stupa

Boudha Stupa one of the largest Stupa in the world

Artistic landmark  Nepal Experience this recommended religious hub for a mix of religious, cultural and spiritual experiences.

Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave:

Gupteshwor Mahadev is South Asia’s Beautiful and longest cave, located in Pokhara, opposite of Davis Falls. The outside artisticlandmark design of this cave and stairways are fabulous, Inside the cave, there is a temple to Davis Falls. The entrance, you have to buy tickets. The best part of this cave is the beautiful view of the Davis Falls inside the tunnel of the cave and for visiting that you have to get another ticket.

Stairways at Guptesshwor Mahadev Cave

Artistic landmark design of this cave and stairways are fabulous


Nepal, the land of the Himalayas is blessed:

Nepal, the land of awesome Himalayas is blessed with many beautiful destinations to snapshot your travel moments in a frame. Yes, it is about travel Nepal snapshot and beautiful moments with a camera. Whether you’re a photographer or not, there are no ways to stop your self without taking shot and after snapshots of the most beautiful Mount Everest (Sagarmatha) and Annapurna in Nepal Snapshot. The real and heartfelt craziness for photography I found during the marvelous sunrise at the Mountain in Sarangkot. And this time while speedy above Sagarmatha and Annapurna Himal with Buddha Air.

Some Beautiful Moment of Nepal

Some Beautiful Moment of Nepal

Here I loved to list some best places in Nepal Snapshot or enjoy photography in your Travel. So take a snapshot. Are you ready with your camera to seize especially the lovely golden hour moment in Nepal?

From childhood, I loved photography. I’ve used several photography gears to take pictures during my travel in Nepal. Furthermore, the first time delighted in trying different things with iPhone  6 or more.

Enjoyable moment Sunrise view at Sarangkot, Nepal

Enjoyable moment Sunrise view at Sarangkot, Nepal.

Golden Hour in Photography:


  •  1 Sarangkot
  •  2 Kushma – Gyadi Suspension Bridge
  •  3 Fewa Power House
  •  4 Furse Khola
  •  5 Fewa Lake
  •  6 Sauraha
  •  7 Trishuli River Rafting Point
  • 8 World Peace Pagoda
  •  9 Begnas Lake


Sarangkot the most mainstream goal in Pokhara for the breathtaking sunrise view in the Annapurna Himal. I was surprised to see the overcrowding of the tourists at Sarangkot in 2018. we start with hotel 4.30 in the morning and we reach there around 5.30 a.m. That time where the temperature was minus degree Celsius and there blowing cold breeze. we all are waiting eagerly to see the golden moment of Sunrise. Look at this photo how everyone was busy to photography capture the golden hour (after sunrise) moment at Sarangkot!


We Celebrated 1st Day of 2018 Fantastic Sunrise enjoy view of at Sarangkot, Nepal

We Celebrated 1st Day of 2018 Fantastic Sunrise enjoy the view of at Sarangkot, Nepal

These days Sarangkot became famous for paragliding. How could you stop yourself to  Nepal snapshot capture? At least adventurous Nepal snapshot there? And the top view of  Sarangkot from the sky looks awesome. so, words will be too fewer to explain. Yes, pictures say a lot!

Advertureous Paragliding

Kushma-Gyadi Suspension Bridge :

At the longest Kushma-Gyadi Suspension Bridge is something you shouldn’t miss Nepal snapshots. if you’re in Pokhara. Take a Nepal Snapshot during the early morning sunlight.

Kushma-Gyadi suspension Bridge

 Adventureous the best places in Nepal to photograph of this footbridge take snapshot from various angles.

Fewa Power House:

So beguiling the aggregate Nepal snapshot at Fewa Power House is, only an ideal goal to appreciate scene photography. The remote view of Annapurna Himal will work as a backdrop here to give you a perfect Nepal snapshot.

Fursa khola power house

Furse Khola:

Furse Khola is only 2.3 km far from Fewa Power House. This Place wound up well known with nearby as Furse Khola Farm House. The best place to take staggering dawn Nepal snapshots with mountains.

Fewa Lake:

Phewa or Fewa Lake is a standout amongst the most beautiful lakes in Pokhara. Another best place in Nepal to photo amid brilliant hours. You’ll just love GoPro photography while paragliding over the Fewa Lake.

Fewa Lake is one of the beautiful Lake

             Boating on beautiful lakes


The place where there is the Himalayas additionally invites you to investigate the plain district which known as Terai. The rustic excellence of Sauraha at this remote goal is essentially magnificent. During Autumn here you’ll see numerous mustard fields secured with yellow blooms and certainly couldn’t miss the opportunity to take a Nepal snapshot. The wonderful Rap ti River is likewise near Sauraha and best to enjoy the nightfall and catching dusk Nepal snapshot.

Trishuli River Rafting Point :

You can attempt cool photography from the pontoon while getting a charge out of wilderness boating on the Trishuli River. I had no clue about the shocking Trishuli riverside sees. The river itself is so wonderful with the setting of numerous mountain, rocks and suspension spans. There is likewise one white sandy shoreline to appreciate minutes and take pictures with your Nepal snapshot waterproof camera.

Beauty of Trishuli River view on the way to Pokhara

Trishuli River Rafting Point 

Beautiful World peace of Pagoda

Beautiful World Peace of Pagoda

Delightful World Peace Pagoda place of around Hill and Lake. Simply astonishing that place, in the event that you’ll travel, must visit peaceful goal to catch the best perspective of Pokhara city with the excellent Fewa Lake. The Annapurna mountain is additionally noticeable from here. I figure you would prefer not to miss the opportunity to catch the magnificence World Peace Pagoda just before Sunset?

Begnas Lake:

Simply feel cool when riding on the watercraft. that time nice Nepal snapshots took. Begnas lake is another wonderful Lake in Pokhara. we appreciate sailing and Photography. what’s more, this time brilliant to snapshot and remote perspective of Annapurna Himalaya from the lake?

Beautiful and cool nature of Begnas Lake

Excellent and cool nature of Begnas Lake


Travel Attractions and things to do in Pokhara (Nepal):

Travel Attractions and things to do in Pokhara (Nepal). Nepal in central, Pokhara is a city on Phewa Lake. It’s known as a gateway to the Annapurna Circle, a popular affliction in the Himalayas. Travel famous destination Pokhara is the main tourism focus the capital of tourism in Nepal. 

Lakeside-view-of-beauty-Pokhara-at -Nepal

The dominant part of vacationer travels attractions Pokhara to encounter a definitive experience each year.  Became a celebrated travel goal for trekking (Annapurna Mountain Trek) in Pokhara. Moreover trekking, justification there is extremely which made Pokhara a must-visit destination for all in South Asia. This travel guide will inspire you with some best things to do in Pokhara, the peaceful goals in Nepal.

Beautiful Place with beautiful enjoyed moment at NepalBeautiful Place with the beautiful moment at Nepal

Pokhara became my favorite destination in Nepal since my first trip here in 2018. I found Pokhara is lovely, Peaceful, and safe to travel with friends and family. Pokhara is a famous Travel destination as well as in Nepal. This largest city is safe to move around at any time. Here the locals are friendly, generous and cooperative.

Lakeside travel attractions Pokhara is the perfect place to refresh your mind. The climate is cold, never too hot. The city is cool, neat and clean as well. What I love most about Pokhara are the calmness and serenity. Just a perfect destination to stay long for a calm seeker or an adventure or nature lovers. Either you love adventure or not you’ll enjoy your holiday or leisure time.  by staying even at the hotel while enjoying the Annapurna view.

Travel attractions of Pokhara at a glance, Nepal before you go through the travel guide:


1 Best Time To Visit Pokhara

2 How To Travel Pokhara?

3 Where To Stay in Pokhara?

4 Top Things To Do in Pokhara

4.1  Sarangkot Sunrise enjoy from Pokhara

4.2 Rafting on Trishuli River

4.3 Paragliding

5 Top Tourist Attractions in Pokhara

5.1 Boating on Phewa Lake or Phewa Tal

5.2 Tal Barahi Temple

5.3 World Peace Pagoda

5.4 Boating on Begnas Lake

5.5 Davis Falls

5.6 Guptashwor Mahadev Cave

5.7 International Mountain Museum

6 Places To Eat in Pokhara

7 Shopping in Pokhara

8 And Lastly

Best Time To Visit Pokhara :

Pokhara city is a naturally beautiful, most popular touristic destination of Nepal. Pokhara is beautiful in almost all seasons. But October to November is the best time to visit Pokhara. December to  February is the coldest month. April to May is Winter and Spring months. The reason is amid this time the entire travel attractions Pokhara. The reason is during this time the whole of Nepal is in a festive mood for Tihar. And the perfect time for hiking, trekking, and mountaineering. The view of Machapuchare  (Fish Tail Mountain) in the Annapurna you’ll get or enjoy during this season. You’ll enjoy your Pokhara travel at this time.

Best time passing at Pokhara

Naturally beautiful, most popular touristic destination

Sunrise view enjoyed from Sarangkot

Sunrise Enjoyed From Sarangkot, Pokhara

 How To Travel Pokhara?  

Nepal offers the most accessible tourist visa service (on arrival visa) for almost all SAARC countries (on Visa for Indian). According to different countries, the visa duration is 15-90 days. free on entry visa service is there for Bangladeshis, however, remember to carry a PP size photograph with you else prepared to pay $5 for that. Nepal offers on landing vacationer visa for all countries, and it is anything but difficult to get.

Either by street or air, you can travel Pokhara from Kathmandu. It takes 6-8 hours by transport and only 30 mins via air to achieve Pokhara from Kathmandu. There are many reputed public bus services (Greenline, Delux) which run every day at 7 am (Nepal time) from Thamel, the central tourist zone in Kathmandu. And there are many domestic airlines (Buddha Air, Yeti Air, Tara Air) fly everyday morning to noon from Tribhuvan International Airport to Pokhara Airport.

What’s more, the reward some portion of your voyage is the grand magnificence from the courageous street to the delightful sky. In my first Nepal tour, I enjoyed the long trip by bus. And this time by Aeroplane loved the spectacular view of Annapurna Mountain from the sky 11500 feet high.

On the way to Pokhara

Enjoyable Journey On the way to Pokhara

Where To Stay in Pokhara?

Pokhara is famous for sightseeing and mountain views. The popular traveler zone in Pokhara is Lakeside; this is the Northern side of Phewa Lake. Pokhara Lakeside is best for all kinds of accommodations. Here you’ll get many budget hotels to 2 stars/ 3-star hotels ranges to start from $70 – $50 and more than


At Hotel Ground

At Hotel Ground

We Sixth family around 20 members staying together at the same Hotel. We are staying at Hotel Tuki Resort. It was very Co-operative and friendly towards his guests. That hotel is best regarding range, Standard service, environment, and excellent communication.

Infront of Tuki Resort, Pokhara

In front of Tuki Resort when we back from Pokhara

View of Annapurna

Love to wake up with the overwhelming sunrise view of Annapurna.

It’s feeling awesome, Pokhara is close to Lakeside, Peaceful road, and Damside. The most beautiful Fewa Lake is just within Walking distance. From 10-15 mins airport distance is Lakeside, Pokhara.

Top Things To Do in Pokhara:

So, what to do in Pokhara? While Nepal is worldwide famous for Mount Everest, The world famous for Annapurna itself is Pokhara. And so Pokhara is the best destination for trekking. From Pokhara all kinds of adventure are possible. offer many different travel companies is also organized Pokhara adventure packages.

Travel Attractions Annapurna Mountain Trek:

There are numerous trek and visit organizations in travel attractions Pokhara you can depend on to take their bundle to appreciate 7-10 days trek. The most popular are Annapurna Base Camp Trek for 8-10 days from Pokhara. You can go for short trekking as well.

Australian Camp Trek for two days from Sarankot is the easiest one. Poon Hill trek from Pokhara for five days is also famous these days. I enjoyed the short trek to reach Annapurna for Paragliding.

Short trek to Sarangkot Paragliding Zone:

What if you don’t like trekking or cant go trekking? And so you must visit Sarangkot. You can enjoy from Sarangkot Sunrise view see of the best Annapurna Mountain. The Fish Tail mountain view is awesome from Annapurna. Even take you can a rented bike to enjoy the ride as well as to range Sarangkot. It is much adventurous and fun

Spectacular Sunrise at Fish Tail Mountain Sarangkot:

Adventure of Paragliding


The perfect zone is Sarangkot for paragliding not only from Pokhara but also in Nepal. Many reputed paragliding companies offer various packages per duration. we went for 30 mins paragliding with Golden Heaven Paragliding under ABC Trek & Tour companies. It was fabulous. In fact, who doesn’t love flying? The beautiful Annapurna is just the behind you while flying and how about flying above the beautiful Lake ( Phewa Tal)? Yes, you just got to try, no point to imagine…

But definitely, this will help you to visualize:

Trishuli river Rafting point

Rafting on Trishuli River

We are taking a short break on the way to Pokhara, for lunch and enjoyed also rafting on Trishuli River. you can also take a short break to enjoy white water rafting on the Trishuli River. The beautiful Trishuli river you’ll see and many rafting points while crossing the road to Pokhara.  you can go for Moreover one or three hours rafting to enjoy the waterfalls and the real adventure on the Trishuli river.

Bungee Jumping:

Bungee bouncing is additionally conceivable from  Pokhara, and the area is Hemja, which is only 11 km from Travel attractions Lakeside Pokhara. You can go to the Water Touch Bungee Jumping. It is safe and more details you can get from many tour agencies or directly from the location itself.

Tihar Celebration

It was nice to be familiar with the culture of Nepal during travel attraction

Lighting up candles to celebrate Tihar at Lake View Resort in Pokhara

to Pokhara. I came to know about Tihar for the first time in Pokhara. Tihar is the celebration of lights, and in the event that you visit Nepal amid Autumn, at that point you’ll want to praise this a standout amongst the most famous celebrations with Nepalese. Travel attractions Pokhara became in a festive mood during this time. So how about Tihar celebration in Pokhara?

Lighting up candles to celebrate Tihar at Lake View Resort in Pokhara

Top Travel Attractions in Pokhara:

Travel attractions in Pokhara to explore there are some peak(top) landmarks. Here is the list of places to visit in Pokhara during your Nepal travel.

Preparing enjoyable boat Journey

Boating on Phewa Lake or Phewa Tal

For all travelers Boating on Fewa Lake is the must-do Activity. To me, Pokhara is so beautiful for Fewa Lake. You can take a boat and start rowing as long as you like until the evening. You’ll get the rundown of various sculling exercises to enlist a watercraft from the lake counter. A gathering sailing with the assistance of boatman is pleasant also. You’ll enjoy the scenic view of Annapurna and the beautiful sunset moment at Fewa Lake. Will you like to go swimming? Fewa Lake is safe to swim, and it is fun as well.

View of Tal Barahi Temple

Tal Barahi Temple

You can go for a visit Tal Barahi Temple which located in the middle of the Fewa Lake. It seems like a small island where is this beautiful Hindu temple to pray. Somebody not interested doesn’t go for boating, but we have lots of enjoyment there. we took five boats. So take a boat and make a visit here from the Fewa Lake. we took boats for one hour and also explored this temple. The lake view from this place is so serene that you’ll love.

World Peace Pagoda:

In Pokhara World Peace Pagoda is must-visit. This is nice of view of the place. this pagoda is the divine destination and free for all to the visitor. How beautiful is Pokhara! The city of view from this destination, of course, you’ll love. It is a stunning Architect Shanti Stupa or Peace Pagoda and there is one in Lumbini also. In any case, extremely far away thus one ought not to miss going by Peace Pagoda in the city of travel attractions Pokhara.

Boating on Bagnus Lake

Boating on Begnas Lake 

Beautiful and cool Begnas Lake is a bit away(16 km) from Pokhara and located in Lekhanth. But absolutely, a respectable one to visit and you’ll enjoy boating as well. In transit, you will see the Seti stream while passing one extension. The mountain Peak of Annapurna is likewise unmistakable and excellent from Begnas Lake.

Read also – Natural Beauty of Nepal in Sarangkot and Nagarkot:

Davis Falls

Davis Falls

Davis Falls is the famous waterfall in Pokhara. Monsoon is the best time to explore Davis Falls. This beautiful waterfall is one of the top attraction in the city.

Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave:

Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is much famous among tourists for the view of Davis Falls inside the longest cave. I loved the architectural design of this oldest cave. You must have to buy the entry ticket to enter the cave. There is also one temple of Shiva to worship inside the cave.In to Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

The view of Davis Falls from Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

International Mountain Museum:

There are some museums to visit in Pokhara, but International Mountain Museum is the exceptional one and must visit for all mountain lovers.  Nice museum located in Pokhara which collect all the historical, cultural and traditional norms and values. I give you advice to visit once. You will come to know all the history of the Himalayas and all details about all the highest peaks in Nepal. This museum is open every day for all and has to buy the entry ticket to enter

In front of GURKHA MEMORIAL MUSEUM at Pokhara (2)

Places To Eat in Pokhara:

The staple food in Nepal is Dal Bhat (Rice with Lentil). I found most Nepalese are non-veg. They like to eat chicken curry with rice and vegetables. I loved the way they decorate all the dishes in the middle of the rice. I had a great dinner with all family members and friends in the Hotel Tuki Resort. where we had together various Nepalese Dishes.

Another food must try is Momo ( kind of Dumpling), and this is Tibetan cuisine. I loved having Bhujiya (Fried Eggs, Cabbages,  Potatoes ) from the roadside of Palpa while coming back to Pokhara from Chitwan.

There are many excellent restaurants for dinner or lunch all kinds of cuisines in the lakeside Pokhara. All hotels offer different food to taste your bud as well. The best and favorite restaurant in Pokhara is Moondance restaurant.

Shopping in Pokhara:

You should not be surprised if you see many trekking shoe shops in every tourist zone in Nepal. But remember not to buy from Thamel if you are visiting Pokhara. You’ll get the same shoes from Pokhara just in a half price and maintain quality as well. I took one boot shoe from Pokhara which cost me almost $30, and you cant expect this price in Thamel, Kathmandu.

Infront of local handicraft shop in Nepal

In front of local handicraft shop in Nepal

There are also many Tibetan Shops in Pokhara. The Best things to buy from Pokhara are many artistic souvenirs, handicrafts, carpet, organic coffee, green tea, and pashmina. For all kinds of trekking equipment, you must visit Yak & Yeti Trekking Shop in the Lakeside. I was looking for boots and it was not available.

And Lastly:

Even a single walk in the Lakeside you’ll enjoy with the view of Fewa Lake. A morning walk to the Damside is recommended as well near the Fewa Power House.

And needless to say, almost everywhere in Nepal you can be connected to wifi network by Nepal Telecom. And Ncell is the best mobile company to be always connected no matter where you go to Nepal. So it is still a great stay in Pokhara as well as Nepal for any digital nomad or online freelancer around.





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