The most attractive tourist spots Cox’s Bazar beach in Bangladesh:

Cox’s Bazar is the longest natural sandy sea beach in the world. How such a small country like Bangladesh has such a long beach is a mystery. During vacation time, among the local Bangladeshi people, this port city is the most famous tourist spot.

People of all ages seem to enjoy this 93 miles long sea beach. And who wouldn’t?
Relaxing on the sea beach, playing in the water. There lots of colorful seashells, crabs, watching the sunset together with your beloved ones.  and lots of fun things to do there.

Cox’s Bazar Beach is the longest natural sandy sea beach in the world

There are also beautiful Buddhist temples, pagodas, fish markets, and various other famous markets to visit. Especially you cannot miss the famous Burmese market. This is the most suitable place for you to buy a souvenir.

You should also buy seasoned Pickles (called achaar in the local language). which is a famous food in the Burmese market. The name Cox’s Bazar came from Captain Hiram Cox who was an officer in the British East India Company. In the year 1799, a market named Cox’s Bazar was establish because of his achievements in settling Arakanese refugees in that location.

The famous part of the beach Laboni Point:

The most famous part of the beach is Laboni Point. most of the people mainly gather here. It is known as Cox’s Bazar sea beach. the beach length of this world’s longest natural sea beach is about 125 kilometers. Out of the all beaches Laboni point comes first. many tourist from home and abroad come here every day to enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Near the beach there is a big market for tourists. where you can find various type of items come from Myanmar, Thailand and China. Thousands of tourists enjoy the sunset from this beach.

You can also take enjoyable bath in the sea and the scenic beauty. If you walk straight to the east from laboni beach.  you will reach to Himchori. as far as you can go, the place is so nice. It seems that there is no end of the beach.

The beach is always beautiful and charming all seasons. like a winter, monsoon, spring or summer, the presence of the beach always beautiful.

Sugondha beach point most interesting is the marine fish restaurants:

It is situated from the north of Kolatoli point. There is a Burmese market which is famous in Cox’s bazar. There are many restaurant in this point. These restaurants are decorative. In there food menu you will find lobster, shrimp, rupachanda, crab and different kind of sea fish. They will make the food as you like. If you want, you can eat sitting in a restaurant or you can eat on the beach. However, if you go to Cox’s Bazar, do not forget to taste eat.

In this point have many shop of dried fishes. various kinds of dried fish find here. This dried fish is popular all over the country. If you or your family likes to eat dried fish, you can bring it with you on the way back.

You can buy various kinds of ornaments and house decorative items made of snails, Oysters and conch found in the sea as a a souvenir. If you want, you can draw your own or your loved one’s name on the snail.

Inani Beach is famous coral Island:

Inani Beach is one of the famous sea beach in Ukhia Upazila of Cox’s Bazar District. It is 18 kilometer-long beach. There are you can find lots of black and green coral stones. which are very sharp. these are found in summer or rainy seasons.

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