Cox’s Bazar Beach


The most attractive tourist spots Cox’s Bazar beach in Bangladesh: Cox’s Bazar is the longest natural sandy sea beach in the world. How such a small country like Bangladesh has such a long beach is a mystery. During vacation time, among the local Bangladeshi people, this port city is the most famous tourist spot. People of all ages seem to enjoy this 93 miles long sea beach. And who wouldn’t? Relaxing on the sea beach, playing in the water. There lots of colorful seashells, crabs, watching the sunset together with your beloved ones.  and lots of fun things to do there. There are also beautiful Buddhist temples, pagodas, fish markets, and various other famous markets to visit. Especially you cannot miss the famous Burmese market. This is the most suitable place for you to buy a souvenir. You should also buy seasoned Pickles (called achaar in the local language). which…