Things to do in Japan for an Unforgettable enjoyable trip:-

Japan has a wealth of stunning country to explore! The land of the rising sun Japan is an East Asian island country comprised of roughly 6852 islands. Although it has this many islands, there are only 5 major islands this is discuss when it comes to japan.

From north to south these islands are –  Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa.
Tokyo is the capital of Japan located in central Japan or Honshu.  In the country Tokyo also the largest city. The other major cities are – Kyoto, Osaka, Sapporo, Nagoya, Kobe, Fukuoka, etc.
Japan covers an area of 377,975 square kilometers or 145,937 square miles.
Japan is the most populated and urbanized country with a population of roughly 126 – 126.5 million. It’s also estimated to be the 11th most populous country in the world.

Attractions best beautiful Japan:-

Mount Fuji highest mountain in Japan
The earliest known description of Japan is find in Chinese writings and they called the country Wa. We can be translate as dwarf or submissive which was humiliating to the Japanese people. In the seventh-century, Prince Shotoku from Japan in a letter to the Chinese emperor, first addressed his country as Nihon which means “Sun Origin”. From then on Japan known as “The land of the rising sun”.
After adopting western technology, japan began to industrialize and modernize. This led to the invasion of China by Japan in 1931 and participation in the 1st and 2nd World Wars as a major power. After the loss in the pacific war and 2 atomic bomb strike, Japan had no choice but to surrender.
After WW2, in May of 1947 with article 9 of the Japanese constitution, Japan has renounced the right to declare war.
Currently, Japan is one of the world’s most advanced countries as well as a great power. The country is a member of quite a few international organizations such as the United Nations, g7, and OECD.

Best unique Things to do in Japan:-

There are so many things to do in Japan that it can sometimes be frustrating and hard to decide on your activities. So we have picked and shortlisted some of the best activities you can do in Japan. 

Visit Tokyo’s Biggest Buddhist Temple Senso-Ji:-

Senso-Ji is not only the biggest but also the oldest and most visited Buddhist temple in Tokyo. The temple is locate in the Asakusa district.
Senso Ji one of Tokyo's most colorful and popular temples
You can start your sightseeing when you first arrive in Tokyo. Senso-Ji holds a lot of historical and cultural value.
Admission Fee: Free 

Go to an Onsen Town:-

 If you go to Japan in winter, then you must visit an Onsen town. Onsen is Japanese for hot-spring. Japan has a lot of volcanic activities and these hot-springs are all results of these volcanic activities.
Kusatsu Onsen is the most famous Onsen town in Japan. It’s located in the Gunma prefecture in the Kanto region of Honshu which is in central Japan.

Rent Price:-

There are different sections of this Onsen and they have different rent prices.
For children, the rate ranges from 300 yen to 1290 yen.
For an adult, the price ranges from 600 yen to 1770 yen.

Experience the Wonders of Ghibli Museum:-

Go to the famous Ghibli Museum and get Spirited Away with My Neighbor Totoro!
An anime fan with a taste of culture should visit Ghibli Museum at least once even if you have never seen any of their movies. The museum is locate in the western city of Tokyo inside Inokashira Park.
Ghibli Museum Mitaka a world of dreams wonder and curiosity things to do in Japan
The museum was design by the famous legendary director from Studio Ghibli Hayao Miyazaki himself.
 Ticket Price: The regular price is 1000 yen per person. 

Visit Ise Grand Shrine:-

Shintoism was embedder in Japan’s roots long before Buddhism came to the country.

The Ise Grand Shrine is the central shrine for the Shinto religion and is dedicate to the sun goddess Amaterasu. It’s located in Ise in the Mei prefecture from the Kansai region of Honshu. This grand
shrine is one of Japan’s most expensive buildings and every year it’s taken apart and reconstructed.
According to the Chronicles of Japan (Nihon Shoki), the Ise Grand Shrine is find around 2000 years ago by the daughter of emperor Suinin, Yematohime-no-Mikoto.
Admission Fee: Free 
Go Through a Bamboo Forest in the Heart of Kyoto:-
 If you go to Kyoto then the Arashiyama bamboo forest is one of the top sights you should visit. Walking through the forest will make you feel like you are being said (going to another world). This is Japan’s most popular bamboo forest for no reason.
The most popular bamboo forest in Japan
In the modern era, many bamboo forests were destroy and turned into residential or other working areas. But the 1967 Japanese government acted and protected the remaining bamboo forests to
preserve nature as well as their culture.
Admission Fee: Free
Play with Foxes in the Zao Fox Village:-
Zao Fox Village is a pure haven for animal lovers. Located in the city of Shiroishi at Miyagi prefecture of central Japan, it’s also known as Kitsune Mura.
You’ll find 6 types of adorable foxes in this village. These are –
Japanese Ezo red fox, Silver fox, Blue fox, Platinum fox, Shadow fox, and cross foxes.
Admission Fee: For only 1000 Yen or $10 you can play with these adorable creatures.
What Is the Weather In Japan?
Japan is a country of four seasons and they are – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.
But from north to south Japan is divide into different geological parts and that’s why different parts of the country show different kinds of weather in the same season.
Spring: From March to May is the spring season. The weather is warm but not humid. It’s the time of the year when you can see Japan’s famous cherry blossom.
Spring is say to be one of the best times to travel to Japan.
Summer: The summer season in Japan takes place from June to August. It’s hot and humid which will make you very uncomfortable. June is the time of rain for most of the country except for Hokkaido. Hokkaido and the northern part of Japan do not have much rain in the area.
Autumn: From September to November it’s the time for autumn. Autumn is consider another one of the best times to travel to Japan. Especially after September when the typhoon is over and the
country is overrun by beautiful colors.
Winter: December to February is the time of winter. The weather is cold but clear and crisp. It’s also a great time to visit Japan. If you are fascinate with winter sports and the scenery created by snowfall,
then winter time is the best time to visit Japan for you.
Transportation in Japan:-
Japan has a well-planned and maintained public transport system in the country. The available public transportations can categorize into several parts –Train, Shinkansen or Bullet Train, Subway, Buses, Cars 

Railway (Train, subway, shinkansen) is the main method for public transport.

For Japan Railways or JR regular train tickets, the price is 20 yen per kilometer for a short distance and under 10 yen per kilometer for long-distance. This is the base fee for train transportation in the Japan Railway.
Shinkansen bullet trains are part of a new generation of Japanese high-speed train things to do in Japan
How enjoying the Japanese scenery from a Shinkansen? Shinkansen or bullet train is Japan’s high-speed transit. its travelling at speeds of over 200 kilometers an hour, in its 50 years of history, there has never been an accident or death making it famous worldwide for its safety.
If you use Limited Expense train and Shinkansen, an extra fee will be add to the base price. For using , an more fee can range from 500 to 4000 yen.
If you take the Shinkansen, for short-distance extra fee will be 800 yen and for long-distance, it’ll be 11,000 yen.
You shouldn’t spend more than 1000 – 1500 yen for transport daily if you are within a large city like Tokyo. 
Where to Stay in Japan?
When it comes to accommodation for foreign visitors in Japan there are a few options.
You can stay in hostels, business hotels, ryokan, temple, capsule
hotel, manga cafes and internet cafes, etc. 


A bed in the dorm room costs from 2000 – 3000 yen per night.
For a private double room with a shared bathroom, per room rent ranges from 5600 – 8000 yen for one night.
One private double bedroom with a bathroom is 8000 – 11,000 yen per night.

Business Hotels:-

For business hotels, prices can vary. But you can get hotel rooms for 2 adults per night from 5000 – 12000 yen or approx. $48 – $106.
A business hotel is suitable for couples on a budget.
Ryokan is traditional Japanese inns that is find all over the country
especially in hot-springs. Ryokans are much more expensive than any hostels or standard hotels.
But with a taste of rich Japanese culture, it’s worth it.
The cost of ryokan’s can start from as low as 3200 yen up to 31500 yen or more.
Staying in a Japanese Buddhist temple can be a life-changing experience for you.
The rooms are traditional like Luken and the food served there is vegan.
The cost is high like a ryokan. It can cost from 13,650 yen to 24,000 yen.
Capsule Hotel:-
Single people who need an overnight stay within budget can rent a capsule hotel.
These hotels are usually made for a single person to sleep but they also come in double beds sometimes. The room is create only for sleeping so it’s very small.
The cost is 3000 – 4500 yen per night.
Best Restaurants in Japan:-
Sushi Dai:-
If you are into eating raw fish try going to Sushi Dai. It’s said to give you a great experience in sushi. But if you can’t beat the meat then I don’t recommend it for you.
There are two different menus here. The standard is price 2,600 yen and the “Trust the chef” menu is price 4000 yen.
It’s a steakhouse located in Kobe Hyogo. Its menu price starts at 7.800 yen up to 13,800 yen.
Narisawa uses an omakase-style menu like Sushi Dai. That means all the menus are select by the chef. The price for lunch is 27,000 yen and for dinner, it’s 32,400 yen.
It’s located in Minato, Tokyo.
Ippudo Nishikikoji:-
It’s a Japanese ramen house located in Kyoto. It’s open from 11 am to 2 pm and the price is also very cheap. The price range is from 728 yen to 1041 yen.
Final Thoughts:-
Japan is a enriched country as well as an advanced country. The people there are also very polite and well behaved. With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can enjoy a trip to Japan within budget. Traveling to Japan at the right time can increase your enjoyment by very much.
Have a safe trip and thank you for reading this through.

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