Beautiful beaches of around Phuket: How to discover and reach the most beautiful beaches around Phuket. Do secret bays still exist with few people and without sunshades? A guide to the lesser-known and most spectacular bays of Thailand’s famous island. The magnificent Pansea Beach and the beaches of Nai Thorn, Banana, and Laem Singh. The inaccessible Relax Bay, Freedom Beach where you can only arrive by boat and the charming Ya Nui. The islands of Bon, Coral, and Racha,  where the sand is white and the sea clear and blue. All you need to know to experience the island away from the crowds and the most popular beaches. Unknown Beaches in Phuket are there ? Unknown beaches in Phuket have not happened for some time. But, there are delightful but less frequented coves, small jewels that are worth a trip. And if you come here on vacation it would be…