Hi, I’m Milky!

I’m a Travel blogger. I would like to share something about me (about Milky Talukder). I am passionate about traveling and I love adventure. With a Love for this about Incredible World. While I started about this blog out of my Passion to about Travel, it has since transformed into about my fulfillment wander, to part from conventional living and make a more important trip. I tell you about my travel experiences in article. I am just a little obsessed with photograph and reading guidebooks to countries.

I’m a spicy food lover. every kind of spicy food I love so much and cold coffee addicted hot sustenance sweetheart and roaming specialist. I love scuba diving, folk dancing and trying all kinds of fruits. unusually foods no one else with eat.

I start to travel Around Asia right before Eight-years but the enjoyable trip to Thailand in 2017, with my family. It was a way to keep my family up to date and share my experience with those who were interested in Thailand.

Around Asia grew from a small study out of the country blog to a website. I’m extremely passionate about travel, Slowly but surely this blog I love so much is to gradually change from the world’s most time-consuming hobby into a potentially viable career. My goal is to show you that travel and life in Asia are more achievable than it may seem. Whether it’s moving to Island trip, backpacking Nepal or learning to surf in India: you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

Where Should I start about travel?

This blog is packed with just two months of content, so it can be a bit difficult to know where to start. To make your life easier, I’ve picked a few of my favorite posts as a good starting point to help you explore further.

so, I want to share my experiences and inspire you with happy travel about Milky Talukder.

About here most of all I’ll share my travel stories, resources tips, photos, and videos.

The mission is to listen to your heart and go your best travel tracking way to be happy always.

Well, I’m from a post-graduate of Social science background. After completed my graduation I started my career in a multinational company as a Commercial Officer. However, I was satisfied with my work and daily activities. because around me all person too much good and encouraged me. I have always the attraction of any new and different things. I always wanted to explore the natural beauty around us. But how it’s possible for a full-time job where I need to be physically present?

Then I wanted to start my dream:

After a long time, I have decided to share my travel stories and experiences all of you through blogging. and then finally before two months, I started my new journey with “Best Travel Tracking” for giving the lovely travelers about Milky Talukder, tourist and readers around. You like maybe perused the highlighting story “Best Travel Tracking” on go travel blogs inspire by introducing the best travel bloggers around the world.

Present to me and my blog:

I love and like my family. I always travel with my family and friends family. Every year we are travel when work time free. for refreshment, I just love that travel!

I’m here with my blog inspiring everybody to listen to your heart to pursue your dream. you have dreamed the start your work hard. I want to inspire and motivate all of my journeys. now you will be see about Singapore. I tell you about my travel experiences in article.

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