Why Kolkata Is The Most Interesting?

It is one of the most attractive tourist place. Beautiful Kolkata Is The Most Interesting To Visit Places such as Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Botanical Garden, New Town Eco Park, Nicco Park  It has plenty of tourist attractions. so that you can must visit on your vacation. The various blends of cultures have Kolkata. It is at the center of  South Asia.
 (Calcutta) is a city situated in the West Bengal state, on the Eastern edge of India. It is an immense occupied city that overflows with endless floods of sounding movement, organizations, eateries and road sustenance, and an offer of attractions. I had stayed there one week visit to Kolkata and could investigate the city and visit many fascinating spots.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata

Inside of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata

India’s second-largest city Kolkata is connect by train and road with many cities in the country and by air with many countries in the world. I’ve traveled to Kolkata from Dhaka by road, we can be use by train and by air too.
I saw Kolkata’s major tourists are from Bangladesh and then from another state in India and some of the different countries.  Bangladeshis wanted to traverse Kolkata by street and prepare as cost less and separate isn’t far. needed 8 to 10 hours to reach Kolkata from Dhaka. I was travel to Kolkata from Dhaka, you must collect the visa first from your nearby visa office and details you can know from the Indian Visa Application Centre or Website.
And for other countries, travelers must check out all visa related information from the Indian visa online whether you need a visa on arrival facility is there too for many countries to travel in India.

Dhaka to Kolkata is the most interesting travel by air :

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is the only international airport in Kolkata. which is very well maintained and connected flights to all major cities in India and Asian countries. This airport is locate at Dam Dam in Kolkata and 17 km away far from the main city. I like this airport for neat and clean. Majority Airlines run from this airport is Air India,  Spicejet airways,  Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Thai Airways,  Singapore Airlines and more. by air takes half an hour to reach Kolkata from Dhaka.

At Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport

At Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport

Kolkata is the most interesting Travel By Train:

Only international train service between Bangladesh to India. The name is Maitree Express. This train starts from Dhaka Cantonment and stoppage Kolkata in Chitpur. The perfect direct transport to
connect Dhaka and Kolkata. the old railroad station in Kolkata is Howrah Station, which interfaces the entire India goals via prepare. and another is the Sealdah railway station in Kolkata city.

Dhaka to Kolkata by bus:

There are some international bus services to connect Dhaka to benapole to Kolkata. There are have many bus Shyamoli, Greenline, Sohag poribahan, all bus counters are locate on Marquis Street, Kolkata. city bus services you’ll find the station, which connects the whole Kolkata city to other cities in India.
The best transport service provided by the prepaid taxi cab. you can want to move anywhere by yellow cab and all the time present the oldest transport service term is still available in Kolkata and other popular services are metro, Pull rickshaw( it’s very interesting), auto rickshaw and AC taxi.

Hotels in Kolkata Park Street:

In Kolkata there many types of hotels in different ranges to accommodated. According to your budget, you can choose a hotel to stay in the proper location. I found for budget mid-range hotel nearby New market area Marquis street and Mirza Ghalib street are the best locations easy transportation to move around . you can be able to manage budget shopping and eating in cheap restaurants too. but luxury hotels Park street, A.J.C Bose Road and Salt Lake are proper choose.

Unique places to eat in Kolkata:

I cherish tasting new nourishment . Wherever I go appreciate to check nearby eateries to take the genuine taste of neighborhood sustenance. Truth be tell, you can’t stop craving you the best whether you cherish it or not. Nourishment darlings love being in Kolkata since they can attempt assortments in sustenance, particularly legitimate Bengali cooking. Indeed, even road sustenance’s are delicious here. You should choose that as well. What about the acclaimed desserts of Kolkata? Be that as it may, the decision is yours, yet taste matters. You can attempt your most loved Indian sustenance in Kolkata also.


I like various food. Kasturi is one of the well known Bengali eateries in Kolkata on Marquis Street, adjacent the New Market territory. On the off chance that you adore legitimate Bengali nourishment, at
that point you should pull out all the stops. You’ll be astonish by observing their assortments on veg. Fish sweethearts must attempt their Prawn and Hilsa angle things in case you’re in there whenever. An excess of the surgeon on the ends of the week, yet an unquestionable rule visit eateries for the family. Here sustenance costs are somewhat high yet worth to pay so.

Waiting for dinner at Restaurant

Bengali foods at Kasturi in Kolkata

Testy and hygienic food of Kasturi at kolkata

Dawat Restaurant:

For what reason doesn’t attempt some financial plan or modest eateries as well? Truly, in Marquis Street, there are many like that where you will truly cherish eating at a sensible cost, yet the sustenance quality and taste have looked after as well. They offer Bengali to Chinese foods, however, I’ll suggest the Chinese one here particularly Chicken Lollypop, Vegetable Curry with Mixed Fried Rice for supper. It’s a decent family eatery to attempt adjacent.


I must say Kolkata is the most interesting and is one of the best shopping places in India. you can enjoy more shopping at a cheap price. There are many shopping malls to shop in Kolkata but the oldest market like New market and for many kinds of sarees, you can buy go from Gariahat Market. you can bargaining to get a quality product at a reasonable price. Here in those, you’ll find many wholesale shops too. and buy more products at less price. Gariahat is one of the popular markets for budget and quality
shopping in Gariahat many wholesale shops and they will provide you with quality products. Here budget shopping is fun and fixed price products are available from 100 to 500 Rs ranges. But, the price might be a bit high for quality shopping. Here saree collections are outstanding. These popular Bengali out lifts you should not miss buying.

Where to Shop in Kolkata?

Some design for western outfits at a reasonable price, I always prefer many boutique shops on new market Street, I love those designs a lot. You can here also explore for good and designable shoe. try to Sree leathers which is best for trendy travel bags. And one more must-visit shopping destinations for girls is Gariahat market. Try one; you’ll understand why should you shop from here.

South Park Street Cemetery:

Searching for one of the spookiest activities Kolkata is the most interesting? Head on finished toward the South Park Street Cemetery. Ideal off the occupied (and noisy) Park Street, I was amaze at how calm and serene it was inside this rotting old graveyard. The burial ground was set up in 1767 and incorporates around 1,600 tombs.
On the off chance that the sobbing trees and the greenery secured tombs aren’t as of now alarming, the periodic cackle of a crow will make things somewhat freakier.

South Park street Cemetery

Victoria Memorial Hall:

Kolkata is the most interesting when going to the Victoria Memorial Hall, you’ll feel like you’ve been transport to Europe. The famous structure in Kolkata is devote to Queen Victoria of the United
Kingdom who is likewise alluded to as the Empress of India.

Nice of View Victoria Memorial

A long side its British and European engineering, the corridor additionally incorporates some Mughal Indian outline components. Victoria Memorial is 103 meters long, 69 meters wide, and 56 meters high.
Victoria Memorial is open to the general population for its encompassing patio nurseries and inside the exhibition hall.
Visit Mother Wax Museum:

Mother Wax museum One of most unique place to visit in Kolkata. which is built in 2014. It is located at 69 -1111, HIDCO Tower, CBD-1, New Town, Kolkata. there visit timing in 12 p .m to 7.30 p.m.

Kolkata Is The Most Interesting To Visit Places Wax museum

It is place to a spectacular collection of wax figures of several great figures who have been raised in India and did some  great things for the country. This is a kids-friendly place and has all the makings of a wonderful place to go to on the weekend or holiday. there entry fee is Rs.50.

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