How much expend Singapore travel per day cost:

Singapore is a hi-tech-city that ensures your wonder with its scenic beauty and lavish tourism. You’ve most likely heard that Singapore is costly. Yes, that is true. Overall Singapore is pretty and Small Country. best time to Singapore has been the country where that started with journey my family and friends . This beautiful city is usually a crossing point for many travelers. How much expend Singapore travel per day cost? Today I want to tell you how much per day cost to travel to Singapore, show you my travel budget, and how much money we spent.
Singapore Travel cost of the per day

I was in Singapore for a week. Although most tourists spend a day or two, cant two days cover seeing everything, it seems to be a city that you can always get something new out of it. Unlike the countries surrounding Singapore, this one is modern, technological, and much more expensive. So if you expect a similar budget to countries like Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand you will not find it. you can visit reflexively Because of mostly cheap price.

How to pay and Currency exchange:

The currency used in Singapore is the Singaporean dollar. The Singapore dollar is approximately 60 Taka on Bangladeshi Taka . I recommend, as always, to come to the country with a small amount of money in your currency. Singapore per day cost so the rest of the money you want to have in cash, I would recommend changing it at your own airport or at currency exchange stations in the city itself. The change will be more beneficial to you.

In Singapore, you can pay by card in many places. There are many shopping malls with shops and restaurants in which to spent hours or days. All of them accept cards as well as in convenience stores. Most likely, you end up eating at local food stalls or hawkers, as they are much cheaper. In these cases, you will have to pay in cash.

Until now I always use Credit cards, since it is the bank where I have my accounts, but as it was a longer trip so I decide to keep some of the cards without commissions, that have become fashionable. In this case, I got the Bnext  card. the best card to pay overseas without commission. but i think best solutions always use the N26 Master card to pay overseas, which is does not charge commission.  they are not a bank and you do not have to create a bank account. I have to say that it have been luxurious and I have saved a lot of money without paying commissions.

Enjoy Cheap flights to Singapore:

This journey began in a somewhat quick and improvised way. What was going to be a trip to Asia with family and friends finally became my first trip adventure? We bought the tickets in May to fly in August (about 3 months in advance ) since we saw a good deal. The one-way ticket from Bangladesh to Singapore was only 17000 per person.

We thought it was a very good offer and we did not want to miss it. How to find cheap flights has no secret. We only put Sky scanner to go from Bangladesh to Singapore and tell us which was the cheapest month. The flight is from US Bangla airline. The basic ticket, which is the one I flew with, does include food, seat reservation, cushion, blanket or headphones. I took the hours of the flight as the hours of sleep, I brought the headphones from my house, I covered myself with my jacket.

Flight from Bangladesh to Singapore: 17000 BDT.

How is possible transportation works in Singapore airport to city:

The best way to get from the airport to the city to rent a car. there has a rent car ticket booth. For now, let’s to what my expenses were. As it was my first trip, and we arriving at the end of the night, we did not want to take public transport so we hired the rent a car service that makes a route through the main hotel in the city. So in half an hour, we arrived at the door of my hotel without worrying about orienting after 7 h of flight.

Waiting for MRT station at Singapore

Singapore is connected by both the metro and bus. Both systems are very comfortable and safe, especially the subway that runs until 12 at night. The single ticket costs S$ 1.50.  Another fairly popular transportation system in Southeast Asia is Grab, a kind of Uber. I wanted to try it and I think that, although comfortable, if you travel alone and with family and friends it is not worth it because it is much more expensive. In cities that are less well connected, perhaps it pays, but not in this case.

My route, after Singapore, continues through Malaysia and therefore I bought a bus ticket from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

Rent a car from the airport to accommodation: S$  10 (600 BDT)

Route with Grab:S$ 13  (780 BDT)

Single metro ticket: S$ 1.50 (90 BDT)

Bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia): S$ 25 (1500 BDT)

Reasonable Food cost in Singapore:

Singapore has all the possible prices as well as food from all over the world. Expensive restaurants, Japanese or Korean food, fast food stalls, western franchises, and coffee shops abound in its shopping malls. During my days in Singapore, I went to coffee shops several times because, being inside shopping malls, I used to cool off from the heat of the city. The food could cost per person around S$ 20(1200 BDT), which is very close to the prices in Italy.

The cheapest option is always to eat in the hawkers or food courts. You can order food at any of the stalls and sit at any of the tables you see. These places are frequented by locals. Of course, sometimes you do not quite know what you are asking for. If you eat everything, it won’t be a problem. So you also try the local food but if you vegetarian and it is difficult for you to be sure.

Lunch at Vivo city: S$ 9.90 (594 BDT)

Purchase of various breakfasts at 7Eleven: S$ 9 (540 BDT)

Cafeteria food: S$ 15 (900 BDT)

Food in Sticky Rice (Thai): S$ 12 (720 BDT)

Cafeteria dinner: S$15(900 BDT)

NomVnom meal (burgers): S$ 15.30 ( 918 BDT)

Cafeteria food: S$ 12 ( 720 BDT)

TOTAL food: S$  90 (5400 BDT)

Where to stay in Singapore:

We stayed at V. Hotel Bencoolen, 48 Bencoolen Street, Bugis, Singapore. This not cheap but communication is easy with the hotel beside MRT station and the bus stop in front of it. As in most cities, Singapore has a great hotel offer. Singapore per day cost When you alone You can stay from the simplest and most dubious-looking hostel to the great luxury of the Marian Bay Sands. I have made you a guide for where to stay in Singapore.

With the best areas. If your trip alone you want to stay in hotels in shared rooms. The central Chinatown neighborhood at Chic Capsule Otel. There the room for four people with capsule-style beds, which I think are perfect for meeting other tourists but at the same time having your privacy in bed. The rest of the nights I stayed in Kampong Glam, the Arab quarter of Singapore, five meters from the street of the Sultan Mosque. It is further north and about a 40 mins walk from Merlion or Marina Bay. The hostel is called Five Stones Hostel and its rooms are with simple bunk beds and a private locker.

Chic Capsule Otel – female shared room 4 capsule beds: S$ 45 (2700 BDT) 1 night

Five Stones Hostel – 8 bed female shared room: S$ 108 (6480 BDT) for 3 nights (1 night: S$ 21.60 – 1296 BDT).

Tourist visit:

I always include this section although it is quite personal. There are people who do not spend a single euro visiting the points of interest in the city, others who pay for everything, and others who look for what best suits their tastes and budget.

Places to visit in Singapore with family of Asia

In this case, I was looking for little savings, but without missing out on what I wanted to visit either. I finally didn’t spend any money on sightseeing. I was planning to visit the Marina Bay Gardens, but they are free unless you want to go up the walkway. After seeing the views of the Singapore skyline, I thought that paying to climb the Marina Bay Sands would not be worth it either. I thought about going to the art and science museum to see the TeamLab exhibits but there was also a TeamLab expo at the National Museum in Singapore. I finally went to the National Museum of Singapore just the day that, coincidentally, it was free.

Still, I’m going to leave you the prices of the most popular places so you can get an idea of the expenses:

Marina Bay Sands: S$ 23 (you can buy the tickets online without queues here)

Universal Studios: S$ 760 (you can buy the tickets online without queues here )

Gardens By The Bay Catwalks: S$ 28 (you can buy the tickets online without queues here )

ArtScience: S$ 19

National Museum of Singapore: S$ 15

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