Beautiful place Awana skyway genting highlands:

Beautiful greens scenery from the Awana Station at mid-hill to the Sky Avenue Station at the peak up in 10 minutes. Nice feeling rides on awana skyway genting highlands. you get a free stop at the Chin Swee Station With the same ticket, where you can see the beautiful Chin Swee Caves Temple. its magnificent surroundings at no extra charge.
Sky Avenue Genting is the beautiful place

Awesome feeling Ride Awana Sky Way link vehicle:

Where travelers begin to board the link vehicle (Cable Car). The link vehicle begins from Awana Station and finishes in Sky Avenue Station in Genting Highlands. There is a stop named Chin Swee Station for the individuals who need to visit the Chin Swee Caves Temple.
Visit awana skyway genting highlands

Awana Sky way Station: Buy Cable Car Tickets in Awana SkyWay Station

Awana SkyWay genting highlands is situate in a similar structure as the Awana Bus Terminal. Awana SkyWay is situate in the Level 2, as the ticket counter for the link vehicle. Travelers are urge to use the link vehicle ticket machine situated on a similar level to buy the ticket.
Ticket counter and waiting place awana skyway genting highlands
The ticket is much for 72 hours after the time the ticket is buy. Here is the Awana Skyway genting highlands link vehicle ticket cost for your reference:
Ticket Type         Price (RM)
Standard Gondola : 1 Way            8
Standard Gondola : Return          16
Express Standard Gondola : 1 Way           40
Contracted Standard Gondola : 1 Way    300
Glass Floor Gondola : 1 Way        50
Contracted Glass Floor Gondola : 1 Way                500
Over Size Baggage : 1 Way           20
Over Size Baggage : Return          40

Holding up Area and Washrooms in Awana SkyWay:

In Awana SkyWay, there are likewise enough seats for you to sit. The ticket counter and the ticket machine are all in a similar region in Level 2. There are washrooms for people in the holding up region and you can discover it next to the ticketing counter.

Making a beeline for Cable Car:

Before you board the link vehicle, you should leave a security registration by going through the security scanner. Next, stroll through another passage entryway where you need to contact your pass to the machine accessible. There will be staffs standing by to control you to board the link vehicle at the boarding stage.

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