Iconic Attractions in 1 day in Bangkok :-

BANGKOK – need a list of things to do Bangkok in 1 day – what are the places you shouldn’t miss? This list of the best short things to do in Bangkok offers some nice starting points. Pick a couple or attempt to fit them all on the off chance that you feel like it, and you’ll discover what is the issue here. one of the most populous cities, delightful scenes, temples, museums, unique culture, foods. Like many other capital cities, this city also “never sleeps”. A traveler makes a bucket list of travel, Bangkok turns into their priority. A city where you can dance all night, eat street foods, listen to the street musicians, relaxing body massage and spa these are all the things you should not miss. there has a good mix of cultural and leisure activities, each with recommended times to visit.

As any season travelers would tell you, Bangkok is ‘an all-out attack on the senses’. The melting and busting city is a combination of and wonderful sights, sounds and smells. We find it fascinating and we’re sure you will too. Have a see the spots in Bangkok standing by to be discover.

Here are some of the best activities to do in Bangkok for 1 day –

Explore city in 1 day in Bangkok – What to do:-

Visit The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace the most famous landmark in Bangkok. It’s one must-see sight that no visit to the city would be finish without. The palace build in 1782. It’s rich architecture and colorful designs will blow your mind away. You’ll get to know the Thai culture in detail! Unbelievable facts about Thai civilization will enrich your knowledge.
You have to maintain a strict dress code to enter or you have to be more careful whatever you’re wearing. If your dress is not covering enough, they’ll make you buy pants and t-shirts. The entrance fee is 500 Baht, which is almost equal to $16.

Wat Pho Palace:-

The oldest and biggest temple of Bangkok is name Wat Pho Palace. A 46 meters long gold made lying Buddha made it more special and worth the visit.

Visit Wat Pho (the Temple of the Reclining Buddha) Bangkok in 1 day (2)

It’s situated in an old town which is Rattanakosin Island in Bangkok. The entrance fee is around 100 Baht, which is almost $3.20.

Visit to Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn)  :-
Another temple for you to visit and enjoy its views Wat Arun Buddhist temple. It’s situated in an area of modern Bangkok. Wat Arun is a landmark temple on the west (Thonburi) bank of the river Chao Phraya. It is one of the most beautiful sanctuaries in Bangkok, not in light of its riverside area but also because the
design is very different from the other temples you can visit in the Thai capital.
The entrance fee for this temple is around 50 Baht which is $1.60.
Khao San Road:-

It’s a center for backpackers. Street stalls, street food, and bars, loud music will make your night memorable. But if you are a low budget traveler, then you can avoid buying anything from here. This place is not that, to be honest. But , there are many hostels and if you are searching for accommodation then it’s a great place for you.

Khao San road as known as the Bangkok backpacker central

 The Food in Bangkok-Where to eat:-
Bangkok is famous for delicious street foods, passion fruit juice, and especially Pad Thai. Pad Thai is make of rice noodles with tofu of chicken and vegetables.
If you want to explore the restaurants and its foods then you can check out these places:

The Unicorn Café

This restaurant is different from other restaurants for its décor and environment. Most of the foods and other things are serve in blue and pink colored dishes.
This unicorn-themed restaurant is fun to visit but its food isn’t worthy of the price that you pay. But you can have a look at it and have fun!

Madame Musur

You can go to this restaurant for dinner. It’s not that pricy at all but the foods are delicious.
If you are a coffee person, finding a good coffee for yourself can be a hard mission. You can choose from one of these cafes and bars.

Pool time café

You’ll find many restaurants with animals like cats, dogs, etc. But in this restaurant, you will find cute raccoons. The food, coffee, and drinks are so much refreshing.
Also, the environment is relaxing. The funky décor of this restaurant makes this place Instagram able.

The Gallery Drip Coffee

If you want to work and enjoy your coffee, you can go to The Gallery Drip Coffee. Desks are organize there and the environment is also.

Some other Café in Bangkok

Old town café Bangkok and Roots coffee are two more popular cafes where you can have your wonderful coffee and make a plan for the day.
Shopping In Bangkok:
You can go to Pan Tip Plaza for electronics shopping.
One of the largest markets in the world is “Chatuchak Market”. It covers almost 35 acres of area. You’ll find fascinating handcrafted Thai products here and delicious street foods.
“Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin” is a night market. Bright lights, fancy outlook will make your night out the best. Also, you’ll find many antiques and vintage products here. It’s the best place in Bangkok for antique lovers.
If you’re buying something wholesale, bargain hard. And look for good shops for better products.
Don’t forget to buy a sim card for yourself. You can get an unlimited package with your sim card for only $20.
Riding Tuk-Tuks:-
If you want to add something new and more fun to your experience, don’t forget to ride in a three-wheeled motorbike named tuk-tuk at least for once.
The Green Space
In the center of the busy and crowded city of Bangkok, you’ll find a calm park. Lumpini Park is a green space different from the whole other environment.
A quiet place like this will remove your tiredness. You’ll get to see lizard types of animals there. Don’t forget to visit Lumpini Park if you need a quiet time for your mind.
You’ll get to know different kinds of massages and can opt for these for a specific time range. The price will depend on the type of massage and duration.
The Thai massage is special in Bangkok but it’s a bit painful for ordinary people. But it’ll rejuvenate and relax your whole body. You can get an aroma oil therapy and spa for relaxing. They are also very cheap.
Starting from 200 (Approx. $6.39) Baht to 800 Baht (Approx. $25.55) or highest 1000 Baht (Approx. $31.94), you’ll find spa and massages in temples as well. After entering, you have to pay a smallest of 420 Baht approximately $13.41.
As locals, the Thai people pay only 260 Baht for massages. Massages have a very relaxing and mind soothing effect on tourists
and worth the money.
Planning for the Bangkok Trip:-
Now you can make plans for a 1-day trip in Bangkok without any worries. Take your notebook and make a list of the things you’re going to take with you.
It’s always preferable to pack only the necessary stuff and pack as light as you can. Because you’re going to see some mind-blowing
stuff in Bangkok and you cannot resist yourself buying souvenirs.
  • Before making the trip, you want to search for hotels for your
  • accommodation through the internet.
  • After arriving at “Suvarnabhumi Airport” in Bangkok, you
  • should buy a sim card using your passport from the airport shop. This way you’ll get better and reliable service with security.
  • How can go to hotel so recommend in the airport have Taxi and Grab  booth. booked from there.
  • On the first day, you should settle on the hotel and unpack your bags.
  • Start exploring with the grand palace and other temples.
  • If you feel tired, then go to a park, sit back and relax.
  • Shop, get massages and explore some more.
Final Thought
Take photos and make memories. Get yourself a beautiful travel 1
day in Bangkok journal and pin the photos of your special moment with a short note.
Write about your tour. Travel more often, explore the world and turn your soul wide open. Whenever you’re searching for the meaning of your life, go through your travel journals. It’ll make you feel alive and free.
Be safe, keep traveling.

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