An amazing Place To Spend Your Quality Time With Family :

Universal Studios Singapore an amazing gigantic theme park which is place to spend your day . Universal Studios Singapore One of the best theme parks located on the Sentosa Island. So many attractions in there not one but seven theme zones such as

  1. Sci-fi city (Battlestar Galatica – the dual roller coaster, transformers simulator)
  2. Egypt (Mummy Returns indoor roller coaster Ride)
  3. Jurassic Park (Water adventure ride, Gliding coaster)
  4. Far Far Away (4D screening, and a roller coaster for children)
  5. Madagascar (boat adventure)
  6. New York (Special Effects, Seasame Street)
  7. Hollywood

Nice to feel you enjoy with your friends and family.

Enjoyed nice place Madagascar at Universal Studios Singapore

We Spent the whole day at this theme park, had a great day. Tried almost every ride in the park, and I enjoyed the Transformers ride in particular. It was a well done ride for a 3D simulator. The Mummy ride was pretty cool as well. Meet favourite Hollywood stars, watch jaw-dropping stunts and sci-fi shows. The live action water show is definitely recommended too, Universal Studios Singapore one of the chase the dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park highlights in this theme park. there is so much enjoyed about the monster rides in the park. Expect to queue on weekends (which is when I went) but the entire park is definitely doable within 6 to 8 hours even when factoring the queue times.
We start early the morning towards Universal Studio Singapore. there is a lots of event for enjoy. we spent whole day at Universal Studios for cover all those event. Hance If you want to visit Universal Studio you need to plan whole day.
Singapore is the best destination for enjoying your vacation with unexpected beauty and charm at Universal Studios Singapore

Visit in Singapore almost best anytime:

You can places to visit in Universal Studio Singapore almost anytime during the year. because throughout the year Singapore weather is the warm and tropical climate. you should keep in mind any holiday busiest there. so avoid this time because everything price is to much high.
Singapore has been the country where that started with journey my family and friends . This beautiful city is usually a crossing point for many travelers.
Although most tourists spend a day or two, cant two days cover seeing everything, it seems to be a city that you can always get something new out of it. Unlike the countries surrounding Singapore, this one is modern, technological, and much more expensive.

Price of Ticket Universal Studio Singapore:

Experiences available in Universal Studio Singapore in there are the many kinds of Tickets passes.
Universal Studio Singapore per person entrance fee S$770. There are so many online services it you want to take cheap tickets to Universal Studio Singapore.
Universal Studio Singapore Express Pass starts from S$10  and which use this separate queues for main attractions and rides in side the park. when you buy the peak season. you might can get cheap prices. It would be worth, if you buy season pass (six month pass) to enjoyed many weekends. Universal Studios Singapore has something to offer to every age group.

The studio is divide into 8 mini worlds. Universal Studios. Singapore when you enter you feel Each world has a specific ride or exited event. You can cover the total area in around 5 to 7 hours. It’s a bit crowded so you have to wait in the queues. But with good time management you’ll be able to enjoy all it.The most exciting rides are the Roller coaster and the Egyptian world.  There are lots of spots to take beautiful photos too. After enjoying the first half of the day here you can proceed to Sea Aquarium.

Tips for visit Universal Studio Singapore:
1. Avoid public and school holiday. There visit on a week day.
2. Book your ticket by online.
3. If you want to visit Universal Studio you need to plan whole day.
How can possible able your Transportation?
You can take either taxi or MRT. For a taxi it’ll cost around 15-20 Singaporean Dollar for 4 person. Train will be a bit cheaper. Enter universal studio early in the morning so that you can able all the rides.

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