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How to Spend the Perfect 3 Days in Sajek Valley: –Complete Tour Plan Sajek Valley is a place of eye-catching beauty surrounded by rows of hills covered with clouds.  It is located at the Sajek union of Baghaichhari Upazila in the Rangamati District. Sajek valley is situated at 2,000 feet above sea level known as the Queen of Hills & Roof of Rangamati. Sajek Valley is beautiful tourist spot in Bangladesh. It is known as the  Roof of Rangamati. Sajek Valley.  It’s the top most tourist spot among the local people . While you are up in the valley, the scenic beauty you’ll see will be unforgettable. From up there, it’ll feel like you are up in the and above the clouds. Coz you’ll see clouds surrounding you and you can even touch them if you want. Sajek is located in the verdant hills of Kasalong range of mountains amidst…