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Best Resorts price List in Sajek Valley: Sajek valley is the biggest union in Bangladesh located at Baghaichari Upazilla in Rangamati District. It’s situated about 2000 feet above sea level from where you can see most of Rangamati’s beauty. Travel to Sajek Valley with Best Travel, the land of clouds. You can enjoy best resorts in Sajek Valley Tour with your family . The scenic beauty of Sajek changes from morning to noon. As the tourists like the clouds, hills, sunrise, sunset and visual beauty of Sajek, it has become one of Bangladesh’s most popular tourist spots. One of the unique experience of touching cloud, losing visibility of the next person in close vicinity owing to cloud, or being covered by cloud while walking on a hilltop in Sajek. It is unforgettable moments. When best time to visit in Sajek valley : Sajek is an Amazing  place!! clouds are play nicely…