The most natural wonders is Sundarbans tourist spot in Bangladesh: If you love to travel, want to get a true experience of the mangrove forest, you must visit the Sundarbans. One of the most natural wonders is the  Sundarbans tourist spot in Bangladesh. So, Being the largest mangrove forest in the world, UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) listed it as a world heritage site. and It is connected with different types of geological floral and fauna. The name “Sundarbans” which translates to “Beautiful forest” in English is the most appropriate name for this captivating forest. also It got its name from one of the mangrove plants known as “Sundari”. Largest Mangrove forest attractive & alluring places remaining in world. If you are a foreigner and want to visit Bangladesh, Sundarbans should be number one tourist spot in Bangladesh to visit in your list. Sundarbans tour in…