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Enjonable Travel from Dhaka to Cox’sBazar By Air: When we travel from Dhaka to Cox’sBazar airticket  want to cheap price for flights fare. So necessary for booking to lowest fares found within 7 days. you want takes direct flight, save your time. When we travel first necessary proper transportation information, and need perfect travel plan. many of us travel to Cox’s Bazar. The lack of a perfect travel plan, so many of us travel to Cox’s Bazar do not become worthwhile, due to unplanned travel. I would like to share some information . Flight information travel from Dhaka to Cox’sBazar : From Dhaka to Cox’sBazar distance is about 388 km. By air about to 45 mins. If you planning to go to cox’s bazaar and want to the fasted way. Air ticket booking better before two months. so you get to be cheap price by air ticket. and sometimes you…