travel Nepal


 I made a memorable trip to the revival of Nepal: Visit for revival Nepal. Buddha was born in Shakya, kingdom of kapilvastu. Birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama. Buddhism is the second- largest religion in Nepal. We going to be just last six month (January)  during Winter season I made a memorable trip to revival Nepal. Really time passing so fast by leaving memories behind. We visit many places shocking natural disaster (Earthquake 2015)  and recent air crush (2018) made the whole world shocked and left Nepal devastated. But time turns always, this mountainous land is safe to visit again. And so this winter and Autumn can be the high time to travel to Nepal. The natural beauty of Begnas Lake I don’t say to come with points of interest, How much Nepal lost till now. It is (Earthquake) very unique and destroyed many houses and Cause and Effect everywhere. Or maybe, I’d love to come with a positive vibe and some positively great purposes to visit Nepal for recovery. because of there people…