Why Asilah, Morocco Beach should be on your travel Itinerary? The beach is okay – long and exposed, with brown sand and clean, clear water, which is surprisingly chilly. This panoramic view presents Asilah, Morocco Beach. Kaf Lahmam itself is a little slice of beach. there offer fresh fish find traditional cooked on the beach area. If you do not want to walk, hire a horse and cart for an alternative way. Asilah is a white city  that provides a Morocco. This is another small town that you should visit.  But, as they say, you should not judge a book by its cover, the same way you should not judge a town by how big its area is. The paradise beach the ramparts, and so much more in the town to explore. the paradise beach just 3 kilometer from  South of Asilah, Morocco And the best thing is that you…