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Travel to Cox’s Bazar longest sandy sea beach in Bangladesh: Cox’s Bazar  is one of the most popular natural sandy  Sea beach in Bangladesh.  When you think to travel somewhere. you can select cox’s bazar as best place to visit. Suddenly, one day we planned to go to Cox’s Bazar. it’s been one enjoyable trip. we saw some Amazing places there. we met lots of lovely people on the trip. people of cox’s bazar are very friendly, helpful and peace-lover. Million of people travel here every year  to see the beauty of this place.  many of local and foreign tourists come to see the world largest beach.  There are some nice colorful pagodas, beautiful Architectural Buddhist temples and mouth-watering sea-food made Cox’s Bazar one of the best tourist destination in the World. Moreover there are so many beautiful natural Spots  to enjoying the vacations  such as – Inani Coral Island,…