A place of natural beauties Sylhet view: My memorable travel in Sylhet with family. Sylhet view is a place of natural beauties for enjoying travel. It is bless with the beautiful green landscape. Travel to Sylhet is a platform for inspiring people to explore. It is one of the most picturesque zones on earth which located in the north-east part of Bangladesh, South Asia. The historic city Sylhet established in 1867 and known as the Holy Land to all. But to me, Sylhet view is the Green Land. I overwhelmed by the beautiful greenery everywhere. In Bangladesh have many places for travel but Sylhet view special famous for exporting quality tea all over the world and also known as the land of Tea Gardens. Sylhet view city carries many spiritual values to all: Heavenly land when well known Sufi Hazrat Shah Jalal(R) came here out of the blue with 360…