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Strawberry Leisure farm

Strawberry Farm Genting Entrance Fee :-

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm, come appreciate new strawberries at this well known vacation spot in Genting Highlands.

Strawberry Farm Genting Entrance Fee

Strawberry Farm

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm is a family-pleasing interest in Genting Highlands, where you can go through an afternoon time investigating its many beautiful natural product farms and bloom in the gardens. The Leisure Farm Opening daily 09 a.m. – 18 p.m.

entrance way genting leisure farm

strawberry farm

The Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm, worked at an expense around RM2 million, is a well known vacation spot in Gohtong Jaya, settled at town inverse the Mawar and Bunga Raya Apartments.

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm:-

The Strawberry farm is arrange close to Gohtong Sport Center complex where you can discover adequate stopping and make a short stroll over to the farm.
Enjoyable moments Genting Highlands Strawberry Leisure Farm

Strawberry Leisure Farm

Once entered, you will be welcome with a major drinking fountain and new strawberries accessible for procurement.

Walking Around The Farm :-

The strawberries with seedlings started from California, which should natural product during the time here at Genting Highlands. due to the for the most part lower temperature.
The Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm

Walking Around The Farm

When the buds sprout, the natural products will show up in seven days’ time.

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm, travelers attraction in Genting Highlands

strawberry garden genting

The fruiting cycle is three months and after five fruiting, the plant must be supplant. There are approximately 10,000 plants in this farm!

This place one of most picturesque zone is the Lavender Garden.
which is fit with one of a kind wellsprings encompassed by sprouting lavender blossoms. can be find throughout the farm,
various things -sells mushrooms, herbs, vegetables, and honey, lavender color soft toys and souvenirs. while travelers feeling hungry can enjoy simple dishes at the onsite strawberry-themed restaurant.
Strawberries are not by any means the only development –
mushrooms, herbs, blossoms and hydroponic vegetables are likewise become here in abutting nurseries. Lavender Garden.

Beautiful flower Garden Genting Highlands Strawberry Leisure Farm

Inside the six-section of land is the Lavender Garden. No more confirmation expense is force on guests to enter the nursery. Other than lavender, there are many different sorts of blossoms.
In the plantation, guests could select to buy pre-pressed strawberries at the cost of RM 15 per box weighing 250 grams, and you can pick your own strawberries straight from the gardens, which prices about RM8++ for every 100gram.
you can also visit there coffee shop and take flavour strawberry coffee

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