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St.Martin Bangladesh

Natural Beauty Of St. Martin’s Island Bangladesh:

St. Martins or Saint Martin Island is a place nowhere else found in Bangladesh. It’s a natural beauty of Saint Martins island,  and the only coral island in the Bay of Bengal. The island is also called “Narikel Jinjira” or in English “The Island of coconut” and “Daruchinir Dip” or in English “The Island of cinnamon”.

like Cox’s Bazar, St. Martins is also a very famous tourist spot in Bangladesh and one of the most visited places in Bangladesh. Usually, people first go to Cox’s Bazar and from there, they go to the Saint Martin tour.
The island itself is located in the northeastern part of the Bay of Bengal. From the tip of Cox’s Bazar Teknaf Peninsula, it’s 9 kilometers to the south creating the southernmost part of the country. It’s a very small country of only 3 square kilometers.

Unlike Cox’s Bazar, St. Martins Island is peaceful and quiet. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a calming blue-ocean where even the tides are peaceful. When the water is moving with weaker currents,
you can even go a little bit far out in the ocean, sit down in the water, and enjoy blending in with nature.

Best Time Visit To St. Martin Island :

The best time to visit in Saint Martin is November – February. this is the major tourist season. At that time visitors travel more, because of good weather.

Before you go, you should know about the weather. because the off-season is from March to July. that time any kind of natural disaster can happen. Cyclone can frequently strike during this period. In the cyclone of 1991, this place was highly damage but has been totally recover.

How to go Dhaka to Saint Martin Island:

You can only reach to Saint Martin Island by water transportation. Saint Martin Island can be reach by boat or ships from Cox Bazar and Teknaf. There some van for internal transportations in the island. The roads are made of concrete, and their condition are suitable.

They use solar power to provide electricity. every hotel use generators until 11 P.M, after that they depend on solar power. which is popular throughout the island.

 Where to stay you in Saint Martin:

Saint Martin Island is a tourist spot in Bangladesh. So now residential Bangladeshis is allowed in St. Martin’s Island. From 1989 – 2004, were not allow any Bangladeshis residence. and foreigners were not permitted on the island, now this is change.

Best Hotel in St. Martin Bangladesh :-

So presently some hotels makes there in St. Martins Island. A Pictures pearl island in the Middle of blue marine Bay of Bengal. This is heavenly and peaceful marine island.

You should try visiting Chera Dip (Cheradia Island) is an extension of St. Martins separated by high tide. It’s also the southernmost part of Bangladesh. This part of the island is uninhabited because it gets separate when the tide is high. But when the tide goes down you’ll see some breathtaking beauty.

While you are walking through Chera Dip, you are walking under the Ocean. Since the ground is submerge in high tide, you’ll find many small and big pits and holes on the ground containing water and small fishes. It’s like you are looking at a beautiful aquarium created by nature itself!
But beware!

When you plan to visit Chera Dip, you should prepare water and energy bars. Or else you could dehydrate and faint in the middle of nowhere. If you plan of visiting Bangladesh, then St. Martin Bangladesh Tour is absolute.

St Martin’s Island travel – Bangladesh


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