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Scenic in Pattaya Beauty | best travel tracking

Scenic in Pattaya Beauty | best travel tracking

Place of resort city is Pattaya beauty:

This is a nice place to visit Pattaya beauty nearby Bangkok, with the family. It was great pleasure to sharing my experience about Pattaya to all my dearest and nearest. I was impresses about  Pattaya’s beauty. last year I spent there three days with my family .  we have lots of fun and enjoyment at Pattaya beauty, and  got amazing experience during those days.
Awesome The Scenic Pattaya Beauty in Travelling to Pattaya

Pattaya Beach Beauty

Pattaya is the best destination for enjoying your vacation with unexpected beauty and charm.  It is One of the most secure travel place.  so, make your plan to spent on your vacation to this lovely country.
The Scenic Pattaya Beauty in Travelling to Pattaya

Travelling to Pattaya

Pattaya is the famous destination  for recreation. There are many luxurious Resort. During my visit I stayed at Hotel Ibis Pattaya situated at near  Pattaya City, Chon Buri, Thailand. You can also visit this awesome Place of resort city  Pattaya.

Enjoy at Pattaya Beach, Pattaya

Pattaya Beach

There are I saw the nice palm trees in around the beach . It is very close to the main beach road. nearby many shops and restaurants. I took some delicious and taste street foods. This place always lively and busy with tourists,  for enjoy Sunrise and Sunset. and when the  sun begins to set the lighting adds  its pattaya beauty more as well . I can remember it was my long-time dream to enjoyed the water sports and nightlife in Pattaya.

Enjoy Pattaya night view at walking street

Pattaya Night

In night all people walking on this road. every body enjoy in nightlife because after work all are come for mind recreation. There are many beaches in around Pattaya to enjoy many adventures, but the idea of seafood dinner at Pattaya Beach sounds romantic and interesting. In night beaches area like so quiet.  I like one of the best Thai food. In night you can enjoy in Pattaya many other things. such as the sacred temple, the cabaret show etc.

The best attraction of Pattaya:-

I had to visit many well-known places in Pattaya  such as TEMPLE of the Sanctuary of truth, Art in Paradise, Teddy bear Museum.
Silver lake Vineyard, weekend markets, floating market, walking street, Under Water world Wat phra khao Buddha Hill. Non Nooch  tropical garden and Coral Island  and all that I found fantastic,
and never  seen such a place in my life  and   all together enjoyed the all historical places.  there are also lots of beautiful  places where we can not able to go. I had seen many  roads, shops, malls, restaurant and found significant by its sights.


Awesome colorful flower gardens, Silverlake Pattaya

Silverlake Pattaya

A Romantic place of Silverlake :-

Silver lake is one of the most charming zones on the earth which located in the southeast of Bangkok. Very Beautiful place Silver lake, It is a large vineyard in the south east of Pattaya. varieties grape are grown in this place.  produce from white, red and rose wines.

Enjoying the hilly area views Silver lake vineyard Pattaya

Silver lake vineyard Pattaya


Everybody to spend relaxing times. while enjoying the hilly area its views is awesome and romantic place .

Roaming inside Silver Lake vineyard Pattaya

Silver Lake vineyard Pattaya

Under Water world:-

I was so thrilled to be able to explore one of the most beautiful cities in Pattaya. I found one  big theme park, colorful  fish Aquarium.  the Pattaya Sea Adventure, there are several man-made attractions for visitors.

Underwater world in Aquarium, Pattaya

Underwater world Aquarium in Pattaya

Places to visit in Pattaya Buddha Mountain :-

Khao Chee Chan amazing Buddha image. Sculpture is as the idea of Triana San Juan back in 1996 to commemorate his 50th anniversary of his accession to the throne, it was first designed by
computer software and then put it into reality with Laser Technology. Now a days local people become here to not only see but to pay respect  Buddha. It is 130 meters high and 70 meters wide, making it one of the biggest Buddha images in the world.


Nice of scenic view Silver Lake Pattaya

Silver Lake Pattaya


we had to move to Bangkok city from Pattaya after three days.   two hour  was take to reach our destination where we had to stay .

Pattaya beauty is a great choice, for travelers interested in photography. I found the people of Bangkok very loving caring and they are associate with business of travelling, hosteling, trading, transporting and so on. People of various race are come from worldwide to see the famous places.

Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya

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