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Place To Visit Malaysia

Holiday Destination in Malaysia Tourist Spots :-

Every year millions of people travel in Malaysia tourist spots. Traveler visit to the beautiful places and meet fantastic people.
Malaysia is a bubbling, always bustling melting-pot of religions and races. where Malays, Chinese, Indians

and several other people live together in harmony and peace. Malaysia’s multiculturalism has made it home to hundreds of vibrant festivals.Malaysia tourist spots Traveler visit to the beautiful places

In addition to this, Malaysians are the very helpful and  friendly, warm and welcoming type of people who love socializing and celebrating.

Nice place to Malaysia Tourist Spots:-

Kuala Lumpur is a top Malaysia Tourist Spots event objective.. It is a lovely city with a blend of design from the Victorian old train station to a little Opera House. Investing energy in the capital is an unquestionable required.
It is not only for the shining Petronas Towers, which were at one time the tallest towers on the planet at 452 meters high. Very nice lively town, colorful air in China Town is  centered on Petaling street, particularly fashion shops and huge covered market with produce clothes. there are some local artists sell paintings and some antique goods .
Indoor excitement and its fresh est-expansion, the Crystal Fountain at its way.
and the night markets.
The air in China Town is electric, particularly at the night markets. The diners are without a doubt the least expensive spots to eat rice and noodles yet you may need to make tracks in an opposite direction from the glow and head to one of the shopping centers. Structure is an honor winning shopping center with a ton of indoor excitement and its freshest expansion, the Crystal Fountain at its way.
Lively, colorful Chinatown is centered on Petaling Street, known for its fashion shops and a large covered market with produce, clothes and accessories. Local artists sell paintings and crafts at nearby Central Market, where stalls also dish up noodles and curry. Places of worship in the area include the Taoist Guan Di Temple and the 19th-century Sri Mahamari Amman Temple, with a facade of carved Hindu deities.

Beautiful city view of Tower at Kuala Lump:-

The city view of the observation deck at the Kuala Lumpur Tower. but better view than the Petronas Towers. As well as the city sightseeing the Klang Valley and cool places the Genting Highlands. If you want an activity for the evening.

I think
you may prefer to see the skyline, from one of the city’s rooftop bars instead. Marini’s On 57, or Sky bar in the Trader’s Hotel .
The Thean Hou Temple is a six-tiered temple of the Chinese sea goddess at Malaysia

Tower at Kuala Lump

The Thean Hou Temple of the Chinese sea goddess
If you love temples, southwest of the city is Thean Hou Temple. Known as the Temple of the Goddess of
Heaven it has six tiers and is one of the oldest and largest temples in Southeast Asia. The Sez Ya Temple is the oldest Taoist temple in the city and is reachable by the LRT, the rail system which runs
throughout the city.
Arty and Museum GatGs may like the House Gallery Museum of Ethnic Arts which is located in central Market. It’s a private museum with ethnic artwork and artifacts from Borneo and beyond.

Whole day visit from Kuala Lumpur:-

From Kuala Lumpur you can visit various place in Kuala Lumpur. Such as Batu Cave, Its place of worship for Hindus. The tallest statue of a Hindu God in Malaysia. It is Nice of the limestone Cave temples.
If you like Malaysia Tourist Spots wild life you can go Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. It is the perfect place to see wild elephants. There take care of orphaned elephants.
KL is the city of Putrajaya. It is known for the 20th century nice of Architecture and mosque. This Putra Mosque is a stunning pink mosque. It is made from rose colored granite with a big pink dome. you can go there a short train ride.
Place To Visit Borneo :- 
One of the world’s most bio-diverse areas Sarawak in Borneo. If you visit the East, You will see Malaysia is stranger to Eco-tourism. Sarawak has 600 species of trees . Many colors the beautiful orchids known to Asia. there are has Mulu National park and the largest limestone caves in the world.
The Semenggoh Wildlife Center is the biggest Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Sarawak. Here you can see orangutans in their natural rain forest living space. For creatures of land.

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