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Best Visit In Nepal for Snapshot Place

Nepal the land of the Himalayas :-

Nepal, the land of awesome Himalayas is blessed with many beautiful destinations to snapshot your travel moments in a frame. Yes, it is about travel Nepal snapshot and beautiful moments with a camera. Whether you’re a photographer or not, there are no ways to stop your self without taking shot and after snapshots of the most beautiful Mount Everest (Sagarmatha) and Annapurna in Nepal Snapshot. The real and heartfelt craziness for photography I found during the marvelous sunrise at the Mountain in Sarangkot. And this time while speedy above Sagarmatha and Annapurna Himal with Buddha Air.

Nepal the land of the Himalayas


Beautiful Moment of Nepal :-

Here I loved to list some best places in Nepal Snapshot or enjoy photography in your Travel. So take a snapshot. Are you ready with your camera to seize especially the lovely golden hour moment in Nepal?

From childhood, I loved photography. I’ve used several photography gears to take pictures during my travel in Nepal. Furthermore, the first time delighted in trying different things with iPhone  6 or more.

Enjoyable moment Sunrise view at Sarangkot, Nepal

Beautiful Moment of Nepal

Golden Hour in Photography:


  •  1 Sarangkot
  •  2 Kushma – Gyadi Suspension Bridge
  •  3 Fewa Power House
  •  4 Furse Khola
  •  5 Fewa Lake
  •  6 Sauraha
  •  7 Trishuli River Rafting Point
  • 8 World Peace Pagoda
  •  9 Begnas Lake

Sarangkot Travel Guide:-

Sarangkot the most mainstream goal in Pokhara for the breathtaking sunrise view in the Annapurna Himal. I was surprised to see the overcrowding of the tourists at Sarangkot in 2018. we start with hotel 4.30 in the morning and we reach there around 5.30 a.m. That time where the temperature was minus degree Celsius and there blowing cold breeze. we all are waiting eagerly to see the golden moment of Sunrise. Look at this photo how everyone was busy to photography capture the golden hour (after sunrise) moment at Sarangkot!

best tourist places in nepal

Sarangkot Travel

We Celebrated 1st Day of 2018 Fantastic Sunrise enjoy the view of at Sarangkot, Nepal

These days Sarangkot became famous for paragliding. How could you stop yourself to  Nepal snapshot capture? At least adventurous Nepal snapshot there? And the top view of  Sarangkot from the sky looks awesome. so, words will be too fewer to explain. Yes, pictures say a lot!

Fantastic Sunrise enjoy the view of at Sarangkot

Fantastic Sunrise enjoy Sarangkot

Kushma-Gyadi Suspension Bridge :-

At the longest Kushma-Gyadi Suspension Bridge is something you shouldn’t miss Nepal snapshots. if you’re in Pokhara. Take a Nepal Snapshot during the early morning sunlight.

Kushma-Gyadi suspension Bridge

Nepal to photograph of this Footbridge

 Adventurous the best places in Nepal to photograph of this footbridge take snapshot from various angles.

Fewa Power House:

So beguiling the aggregate Nepal snapshot at Fewa Power House is, only an ideal goal to appreciate scene photography. The remote view of Annapurna Himal will work as a backdrop here to give you a perfect Nepal snapshot.

Fursa khola power house

Furse Khola:

Furse Khola is only 2.3 km far from Fewa Power House. This Place wound up well known with nearby as Furse Khola Farm House. The best place to take staggering dawn Nepal snapshots with mountains.

Fewa Lake:

Phewa or Fewa Lake is a standout amongst the most beautiful lakes in Pokhara. Another best place in Nepal to photo amid brilliant hours. You’ll just love GoPro photography while paragliding over the Fewa Lake.

Fewa Lake is one of the beautiful Lake

             Boating on beautiful lakes


The place where there is the Himalayas additionally invites you to investigate the plain district which known as Terai. The rustic excellence of Sauraha at this remote goal is essentially magnificent. During Autumn here you’ll see numerous mustard fields secured with yellow blooms and certainly couldn’t miss the opportunity to take a Nepal snapshot. The wonderful Rap ti River is likewise near Sauraha and best to enjoy the nightfall and catching dusk Nepal snapshot.

Trishuli River Rafting Point :

You can attempt cool photography from the pontoon while getting a charge out of wilderness boating on the Trishuli River. I had no clue about the shocking Trishuli riverside sees. The river itself is so wonderful with the setting of numerous mountain, rocks and suspension spans. There is likewise one white sandy shoreline to appreciate minutes and take pictures with your Nepal snapshot waterproof camera.

Beauty of Trishuli River view on the way to Pokhara

Trishuli River Rafting Point 

Beautiful World peace of Pagoda

Beautiful World Peace of Pagoda

Delightful World Peace Pagoda place of around Hill and Lake. Simply astonishing that place, in the event that you’ll travel, must visit peaceful goal to catch the best perspective of Pokhara city with the excellent Fewa Lake. The Annapurna mountain is additionally noticeable from here. I figure you would prefer not to miss the opportunity to catch the magnificence World Peace Pagoda just before Sunset?

Begnas Lake:

Simply feel cool when riding on the watercraft. that time nice Nepal snapshots took. Begnas lake is another wonderful Lake in Pokhara. we appreciate sailing and Photography. what’s more, this time brilliant to snapshot and remote perspective of Annapurna Himalaya from the lake?

Beautiful and cool nature of Begnas Lake

   Excellent and cool nature of Begnas Lake

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