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A place of natural beauties Sylhet view:

My memorable travel in Sylhet with family. Sylhet view is a place of natural beauties for enjoying travel. It is bless with the beautiful green landscape. Travel to Sylhet is a platform for inspiring people to explore. It is one of the most picturesque zones on earth which located in the north-east part of Bangladesh, South Asia. The historic city Sylhet established in 1867 and known as the Holy Land to all. But to me, Sylhet view is the Green Land. I overwhelmed by the beautiful greenery everywhere.
In Bangladesh have many places for travel but Sylhet view special famous for exporting quality tea all over the world and also known as the land of Tea Gardens.
Sylhet view city carries many spiritual values to all. Heavenly land when well known Sufi Hazrat Shah Jalal(R) came here out of the blue with 360 holy people to spread Islam. In Bangladesh everywhere spoken Bangla but in Sylhet area used talking in their own language (Sylheti Bangla) and you can communicate in English too.
There are many standard Hotels,  Resorts and Tea plant cabin from  plan, in Sylhet view to remain. Many restaurants are there taste all types of cuisines. But Bengali recipes taste are must try to all.
The palace Sylhet

best resort in sylhet bangladesh

When & How to Travel Sylhet :

Sylhet is extraordinary compared to other tourist places in Bangladesh. The climate is in cool all Seasons what you’ll not discover in different places in Bangladesh. Moonson is the best time to explore the natural beauty of Sylhet. You can travel in Sylhet by air or road. There are many good Vihecle services.  From Dhaka to Sylhet. My eyes never got tired while exploring various shades of green. There are many places to visit in Sylhet. But the natural beauty of Sylhet view is outstanding. I enjoyed capturing
There best of travel places of Jaflong : Jaflong is a beautiful destination for tourists. Its flowing from the Kashi Mountain. The Dauki river enters Bangladesh which spectacular Jaflong. Visitors wants to go to the zero point by the boat and see the nice bridge over the Dauki.
Lawachara: National park:  
Ratargul Swamp Forest and Bisnakandi: Explore to the greeny natural scenery of Ratargul and Bisnakandi, when visit you can see freshwater in Swamp forests see you can be explore a picturesque hilltop village, perched in the clouds.
Lalakhal and Srimongal :
Sylhet is very close to India border with three states Meghalaya, Assam and Tripura. I made a road trip from Dhaka to every place in Sylhet and enjoyed travelling with family. It was safe, interesting and most of the adventurous.

I get in Sylhet city first time:

It was a nice experience, No traffic Jam, drive our Microbus on the
roads while crossing many Bridges on the way to Dhaka from Sylhet. It looks 4 hours to reach in Sylhet city. all facilities and accommodation are standard. 

Travel tracking around of the city:

In the afternoon we reach there. we stay Hotel Valley Garden, Sylhet Tower, Bishwa Road, Sobhanighat, Sylhet 3100. Its a nice experience for me. we took lunch at this hotel. It was very testy because too much hungry after that, In the evening we are going tea garden visit.
The second day we started exploring Sylhet view city. Two famous shrines are locate in Sylhet. First, we are like to visit the Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal. I read and heard a lot about this shrine and world-famous Sufi Hazrat Shah Jalal (R). I’ve liked seeing many Black Pigeons (Jalali Kobutor) inside the shrine. Next, I visited the Shrine of Hazrat Shah Paran mosque.


Sylhet tourist spot

place to visit in sylhet


Sylhet is situate on the bank of the Surma River. The noteworthy and most seasoned Keane Bridge (set up in 1936) is still there finished this stream. Next, to the Bridge, you’ll see another old point of interest Ali Amjad Clock Tower which set up in 1895. In the evening, during the sunset hour, the whole place was looking very beautiful.
I found too much crowded around and many are spending time at the Surma River Cruise Restaurant, much popular to all. Zindabazar in Jallarpar Road is the most busier place in Sylhet view city. Every single famous inn, eateries, and markets are situate here and used for shopping at a sensible cost. I had a cool dinner with yummy and red-hot Bengali dishes at Panshi Restaurant, the most well known in the city for giving quality sustenance at a modest cost Sweet Paan.


    • Must carry National Card (for Bangladeshi) and Passport (for
    • foreigners) while booking any hotel to stay. It is a good practice to carry wherever you go, especially when you’re travelling.
    • General Sylhet is an inviting city for all and safe for voyagers to move around. Local people are very useful.
    • You’ll find various types of persons with bad motive outside the area of any shrines. Be careful about pick-pocketers while visiting those destinations.
    • It never recommended staying outside until late night while travelling. You got to be cautious when you’re in a new place. I always try to maintain this wherever visit or even accompanied by anyone.
    • After supper, you may get a kick out of the chance to attempt
    • Sweet Paan by the Khasi clan, accessible outside of Panshi Restaurant.
    • Yeah, it is the tradition here.

      How can you forget to have one?
      The perspective of green trees, green paddy fields from both the sides of the streets will never give you a chance to feel tired. And what to say about the amazing blue sky, though sometimes cloudy but I love every shade of the sky. Anshuman is a remote village. The main attraction here is the Broyhill waterfall with the backdrop of Meghalaya mountain ranges. Broyhill waterfall belongs to India but from the zero point possible to enjoy the natural beauty of that fall which is a part of the Piyain River. It’s so interesting at the Zero point. we are close at Indian border one step leg Bangladesh and India. we are going to the next destination was Bisnakandi. To explore the beauty of Bisnakandi. you must have to hire engine boat, distance is long, it took almost one an half an hours. The best piece of this goal is the wonderful Piyain River and the characteristic view. I adored the unmistakable water, we are back from Bisnakandi left Jaintia Hill resort, Jaintia.
      Resort view :-
      We have stayed 2 night here. This resort very close to Indian border(Tamabil) and Jaflong is very near to the resort. Next day in the morning we have enjoyed the sunrise through the tea garden hill. The mountain view with the two waterfalls is the best part of this tea garden hill. while walking at the hill ground from the boundary saw Bangladesh last house. In the evening delighted in the Sunset moment at Jaflong, the well-known slope station in Bangladesh while returning from Tamabil border. I found the mountains view of awesome. I can’t explain that. It is a feeling of hearts. On the way, we saw the many This is one of the memorable parts of my Sylhet tour visiting a local village in Lalakhal. there every one so lovely. The best piece of this goal is the wonderful Piyain River and the characteristic view. I adored the unmistakable water, The Sylhet-Tamabil highway road condition is not ok. And Jaflong lost its old beauty. I was sad to see how peoples are collecting stones and destroying the natural beauty of this destination!  Shahid Bhai was sharing his own particular experience, how excellent was Jaflong even 5 to 6 years back I found mountains view of is awesome. in that way more beautiful Sari river(nice green watercolour) which leads to Lalakhal River. The river is close to Indian Border and created from Meghalaya, India.
      places to see in sylhet
      • To save time and distances you can enjoy the view of the
      • waterfall in Panthumai by boat while visiting Bisnakandi. You can hire a boat for Bisnakandi to Panthumai.
      • You can visit all famous travel destinations from the Sylhet city.I
      • needed to spare time and all spots are very close Jaflong thus remained at Jaintia Hill Resort.
      • I had a local breakfast( rice and chickpea) from one local hotel. The greater part of the general population like
      • diverse sustenance in Sylhet yet a prevalent nourishment in
      • Sylhet dried fish is bring in Bengali “Shutki Vortha”. People
      • come from anywhere and they like this traditional dishes like
      • dried fish bharta and bhuna, fish curries, brinjal, potato, dhania,
      • seasonal vegetable bharta, small fish curries etc.
      • I had a supper at Jaflong In Hotel and Restaurant, discovered this
      • new eatery very standard and clean among other nearby eateries in Jaflong.
      • Most of the time rain here so It was cool to see the watercolour green when enjoying the boat ride. then the visit to the Areca Nut garden Near the mountain (60 feet high ). I was awesome to see the view of Lalakhal from here.
      • My most favourite place of Sylhet in Ratargul swamp forest term
      • of nice adventure and attractive beauty. It was explore the dreamland, Ratargul Swamp forest in Gowainghat. that forest is one of the best fresh water in the world.
      To Inspire you to visit Sylhet: The view of green trees, green paddy
      fields, many water falls from both the sides of roads will never let you feel tired. And what to say about the beautiful blue sky, though sometimes cloudy but I love every shade of sky.



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