Best Time To Visit Nepal With Nature Lovers Fave Destinations:

At Tribhuban Airport, Nepal (2)

Best time to visit Nepal as dry days make trekking easier and offer good visibility. Travelling Nepal out of the blue was breathtaking. Indeed, this was my first historically speaking travel encounter globally and was exceptional in all ways. Being a nature darling, I was exceptionally intrigued to see mountain dawn and dusk from Nepal, the bumpy arrive on the earth. So what did I do first to investigate the common magnificence of Nepal in Sarangkot and Nagarkot?

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At Tribhuvan Airport:

We took a guide from the Everest travel organization here and my unequalled most loved TripAdvisor to streamline our visit for getting extreme fun and happiness. we withdrew from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka by US Bangla-211 on Thursday, December 29, 2018, at 1:30 PM and touched base at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu at 4:40 PM (you may think, why need to recall all points of interest Date and Time? Gracious yes, since I as of now said this visit as extraordinary).

Amezing moment to see from the Air

Amazing moment to see from the Air (Top view of Kathmandu)

we’ve remained at the Hotel Vaishali International in Thamel, Kathmandu. Simply moved around close-by, did bit shopping. we dozed ahead of schedule as the following day early morning needed to leave the capital for the second biggest and most quiet and dazzling city in my eyes.

At Hotel Ground

At the Hotel Vaishali International in Thamel, Kathmandu

We are a 20 person in this group. we took a big (bus) transport. Really the principal event when we’ve had a great time together a vehicle visit. we have some good times while going for Pokhara from Kathmandu anyway it was a long time (8 hours) travel. In transit, we didn’t get depleted on the grounds that was getting to heaps of appreciating especially thanks Shimul Bhai and Mizan Bhai. and glad to see the excellent perspective of mountains, Trishuli waterway and Sheti stream (waterway of white water) from the transport through the window. Touched base by evening and here we stayed at the Hotel in Tuki Resort. The following day my fantasy satisfied the best time to visit Nepal.

Cheerful to see the wonderful perspective of mountains:

Spectacular Fish Tail Mountain

View of Mountain from Sarangkot

natural beauty of Nepal

The natural beauty of Nepal

In the initial segment of my Nepal visit, I will take you to visit Sarangkot Sunrise (Pokhara) and Nagarkot Sunset (Kathmandu) to enjoy the ultimate natural beauty of with passed best time to visit Nepal.

Natural Beauty of Nepal in Sarangkot and Nagarkot

Sarangkot Sunrise:

Sarangkot is one of the well known and appealing spots to see the marvellous dawn of the world’s deadliest mountain, Annapurna. Goodness, despite everything I can’t trust I was in there?? Truly, I was, and I can return there commonly. I can state more however beneath pictures can mean more than my words. just have a look…

First rays of the Sun enjoyed from Sarangkot

First rays of the day Sunrise enjoyed from Sarangkot

Nagarkot Sunset:

Nagarkot is an incredible place for dynamic, energetic and wellbeing cognizant voyagers who live to find. It is the place to appreciate the Himalayan vistas, in the evening we are going Kathmandu to Nagarkot, only one-hour grand drive from the capital. This spot is excessively acclaimed and appealing. Nagarkot is 7000 feet over the ocean level. Numerous fear statures, yet in the event that you are a daredevil, at that point you should go for that. I’ve delighted in the brilliant Himalayan dusk from here. we enjoyed the best time to Nepal Nagarkot sunset.

Golden moment of Sunset at Nagarkot

The golden moment of Sunset at Nagorkot

A feeling of genuine Nepal far from the capital city as one can appreciate a portion of the best time to visit Nepal perspectives of the Himalayas ( for your delicate update, NEPAL is a rugged nation with the grouping of the most elevated crests in the planet), and where you can climb and unwind in calm with some awesome mountain sees. Along these lines, in the event that you are searching for some motivation.

Additional Tips:

  • September to December is the best time to visit Nepal. Not so cold during this time.
  • You must take warm clothes while visiting Sarangkot and Nagarkot.
  • Many hotels are available according to any budget to stay at Sarangkot and Nagarkot.
  • Most all hotels and resorts offer free Wi-Fi so you can be connected easily.


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